Brooklyn's Baptism Photos

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Brooklyn's Baptism Photos

My niece turned 8 in December and was baptized a couple of days ago. (I wrote about what baptism is like in our church and shared some more LDS Baptism Pictures when Talia was baptized so if you're not familiar with LDS Baptism and are curious, you can check that out).  We took some photos to commemorate this special moment in her life.

Great to be 8 Photography

Our plan was actually to meet and do this in the Fall, before it got very cold outside but busy lives took over and we found ourselves squeezing this photoshoot in on the day before her baptism, right in the cold of January!

There was snow on the ground and a definite chill in the air, but this bright and sunshiney little girl didn't let that stop her from smiling!

Utah Baptism Great to be 8 Photographer

We wrapped her in a blanket and shot photos in short bursts of a few minutes at a time, with breaks in the warm car to warm her and her little pink nose!

Great to be 8 Photography

I love photos like this that show the details in her carefully chosen dress for this meaningful day.

White Dress Baptism Photography

Brooklyn was such a trooper and stayed happy the whole time we shot, even though it was freezing outside! For the next photo, I was sitting underneath an icy tree, on a snow pile. You can't see it because I Photoshopped it out, but there were clumps of snow all around her feet!

Utah Great to be 8 Photo Session

I love this girl and I loved the opportunity to help document this special time in her life, and to be present at her baptism the following day. We're so happy to be close with our Utah family while we're living here!

LDS Baptism Book of Mormon Photos

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  1. I love these pictures so much! You captured her perfectly! We love having you close too! 😍

  2. She is so adorable! Congrats on her Baptsim!

  3. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on her baptism!

  4. Oh wow so very beautiful! I had a beautiful dress like that at my communion when I was younger, brings back great memories!

  5. She is SO cute with that scrunched up nose!

  6. Oh Heather they are so beautiful. You have just a wonderful talent. Love you.

  7. Oh she is adorable!!!! Heather the pictures are lovely!!

  8. Aw, sick sweet pictures. She looks to be a very happy girl.


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