100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

It can be tricky to come up with some stocking stuffer ideas for kids that are new and exciting! We like for our stocking stuffers to have good reason to stick around past the new year whenever possible, and to actually bring some fun and joy to the receiver.

Kid Approved Stocking Stuffers

This year I did some brainstorming with my kids and we came up with the ultimate list of 100 kid-approved stocking stuffer ideas... let's get to the list!

1. Lip balm (Some of our favourite brands are Burt’s Bees, Lip Smacker, and EOS)
2. Stamps/Ink Pads
3. Magnifying Glass
4. Reusable Straws
5. Baking supplies (cookie cutters, icing tips/bags
6. Beanie Boos or other small stuffed animals
7. Play-Doh
8. Pez candy
9. Tic Tacs
10. Life Savers
11. Kinder Surprise Eggs
12. Christmas coloured candies (M&Ms, Hershy kisses & hugs, mini eggs, etc.)
13. Chocolate Orange
14. Regular orange or clementine in the toe of the stocking
15. Tooth Brush/Paste
16. Underwear/socks
17. Razor/shaving cream/foam for older kids
18. Deodorant
19. Small craft kits
20. Digging Dinosaur eggs
21. Card game
22. Small/travel size board game
23. Small toy car (Hot Wheels)
24. Individual Little People toys
25. Hex Bugs (vibrating bugs toy)
26. Hand lotion/hand sanitizer
27. Slinky
28. Whoopi cushion
29. A candy they tend to ask for but rarely get
30. Hasbro surprise/collectible toys
31. Pens/pencils, markers, etc. , coloring book/notepad/book
32. Craft supplies
33. Mitts/gloves/hat/scarf
34. Pop socket or phone case
35. Gift card to a food/treat place
36. Gift card to a store (ie. Michaels if they like crafts)
37. Small book
38. Make Up (or play make up)
39. Nail polish/nail stickers/nail tools (just be careful ;)
40. Small hairbrush/travel mirror
41. Hair things (scrunchies, clips, bows, ponytail elastics)
42. Spray colour for snowmen
43. Glow sticks
44. Silly string
45. New Year/Christmas crackers
46. Personalized stationery
47. Iron on patches
48. Stick on/clip on/real earrings
49. Other jewelry
50. Reusable plastic snowmen parts
51. Snowball maker/launcher, snow brick maker (we've found these at dollar stores)
52. Hair chalk
53. Slime
54. Hot Chocolate Packet
55. Pick Up Sticks Game
56. Slippers
57. Post-it notes
58. Bookmark
59. Face mask packet
60. Paint & Paint Brushes
61. Bath color things (crayons/fizzies)
62. Bubble bath
63. Pencil Case
64. Watch
65. Fun band-aids
66. Chocolate Coins
67. Ear buds
68. Joke book/puzzle book/comic book
69. CD
70. DVD
71. Fun shoe laces (or the kind that make it so you don’t have to tie them yourself)
72. Cool water bottle
73. Doll clothes/accessories
74. Kit refills
75. Sidewalk Chalk
76. Harmonica/recorder/kazoo
77. Small Flashlight (my kids keep theirs near their beds)
78. Clip-On Book light
79. Key chain
80. Christmas ornament (tradition: new one each year)
81. Wallet
82. Cute mini packet of tissues
83. Washi tape
84. Magnets or push pins or paper clips that are fun designs/colours (try the dollar store!)
85. Small doll or toy
86. Stickers
87. Walkie Talkie (maybe one half in one child’s stocking, the other in their sibling’s)
88. Mini fairy lights for their bedroom
89. Small Lego kits or figures, or similar toys
90. Compass
91. Finger puppets
92. Glow-in-the-dark stars for their bedroom wall
93. Candy necklace/bracelet/watch
94. Sunglasses
95. Name Labels
96. Dental Floss or flosser sticks
97. Accessories/Refill for something they already have (ie. Film for an Instax Camera or Nerf darts)
98. Rubik’s Cube
99. Chopsticks
100. Yo-yo

Did we miss one of your favourite stocking stuffers on this list?
Please comment & share your ideas that we didn't think of!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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  1. OMG this is super helpful!! Thank you for sharing this! Off shopping I go.

  2. This is a list that I can use. As the kids get older I need new ideas.

    1. I'm glad to hear it! :) & I know what you mean! There are certain ones that are old favourites but after a while you need some new inspiration!

  3. Stockings have always been a fun tradition in my family so this helps a lot. You picked some really fun ones I hadn't thought of!

  4. What a great list of ideas girl! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness, so many amazing ideas for stockings! Stockings are a pretty big part of Christmas for us so I'll have to use this list once it gets closer to the holiday!

    1. We love stockings too- we sometimes wonder why we bother with presents after all the stocking excitement ;) haha

  6. Such a fun list! Shopping for stocking stuffers is one of my favorite things I do each year!

  7. This is a great list of stocking stuffers. I see so many on this list that I know my daughters would love. I've actually got some from the list already too.

  8. Yowza! That's some list. I know a certain someone who would LOVE some finger puppets.

  9. Toni | Boulder LocavoreNovember 20, 2019 at 6:16 AM

    This is really a great list! Thanks so much for the ideas!

  10. Stockings are a favorite and a fun tradition in our family. Glad to learn about this! Your selections are fantastic.

  11. These are spectacular ideas for stockings! I always try to put fun and different things in each year and these are great ideas!

    1. Thank you Wren! Yes- traditional inclusions are fun, but so are the unexpected surprises! :)

  12. Holy Hannah! Talk about mother of all stocking stuffer lists. THANK YOU!

  13. Love the list. Those are things that any kid would appreciate. I will use this list as a guide when I go out to get more stocking stuffers.

  14. So many fun ideas! Could double for loot bag ideas for birthdays too!

    1. Thanks Salma, & yes, you're right- these would work great for that too!

  15. This is a genius list and you are goddess for creating it! Thank you for all the amazing ideas - you should totally do one for teens!!!

    1. haha why thank you!
      Maybe someday we'll do it... but for now, many of these would work for teens or adults too :)

  16. Playdoh is my go to along with candy and an orange! Plus small gifts, of course.

  17. All of those are great stuffer ideas and thanks for compiling them all here in one place. I sometimes have a hard time choosing what to put in those but I'm sure kids would love all those in the list.

  18. So many fun ideas! We like to add hot-wheels into out children's stockings!!

    1. Yes! :) One year our youngest was kind of obsessed with school buses, so I looked high & low for a little school bus to put in hers! :)

  19. Who doesn't love stocking stuffers? Great list!

  20. I'm printing this list. These are some GREAT ideas!


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