Come Follow Me Lesson Helps – Study Bookmarks

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps – Study Bookmarks

If you’re looking for Come Follow Me lesson helps, check out these Book of Mormon Study Notes Bookmarks!

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps

 Book of Mormon - Come Follow Me 2024

Our church chooses a different book of scripture to focus on each year. Last year we studied the New Testament and this year, we’ll focus on the Book of Mormon

Our classes for adults, teens, and children this year are all centered around the same topics from this book of scripture. This makes studying at home, as a family, more cohesive and meaningful because we’re thinking about the same sections in scripture in our personal study as our family and class discussions. We use the Come Follow Me manual as a guide for classes and home study. 

Weekly Study Plan

This week's reading is 1 Nephi 1-5. While going over the lesson, I noticed it encouraged us to look for ways the word of God directly or indirectly blessed Lehi’s family, while reading those chapters.

Our family decided we’d do the assigned readings individually, reading at least one chapter per day so we’ll cover the 5 chapters over 5 weekdays. We try to have daily Come Follow Me discussions throughout the week, but when we gather for our final scripture study on the weekend, we’ll share our insights and thoughts on the overall focus outlined on the bookmark.

Book of Mormon Bookmarks as a Study Help

To help us in this week’s study, I created these Book of Mormon bookmarks for each of us. 

The bookmarks include a reminder at the top of the designated scriptures and our study focus, serving as a visual cue during individual readings.  There’s also space for us to jot down notes so we remember our observations when we discuss as a family.

Come Follow Me 2024 Book of Mormon Bookmarks

Since I’m making a printable Book of Mormon book mark for us, I thought I’d share the downloadable file here in case you’d like to try them in your family, or for a Sunday School, Primary, Relief Society, or Seminary class that you teach. 

Book of Mormon Study Guide in Action:

Incorporating these bookmarks into our routine will keep our attention on the themes suggested by the "Come Follow Me" manual and encourage deeper reflections and more meaningful conversations.

Download Your Book of Mormon Bookmarks:

If you'd like to incorporate these bookmarks into your family or class study, you can download them HERE

I suggest printing on sturdy cardstock.

Book of Mormon Bookmarks

I hope these bookmarks prove to be valuable additions to your Book of Mormon study routine for Come Follow Me 2024. Download them, try them out, and share your thoughts. 

When I make bookmarks for future weeks, I’ll share them on the blog for you (and I’ll try and get them out early so you can be prepared with them in advance)!

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