PR Info

PR Info

Raising Memories offers several ways for you to promote your shop, business, or blog. Please e-mail me with the word "sponsor" in the subject line if you are interested. If your shop/blog is something that fits with my blog, I would be happy to have you advertise with me!

Below are some stats & options:

Some Stats from January 2014:

1480 GFC Followers
370 Daily Page Views
11543 Monthly Page Views
3790 Twitter Followers
2380 Facebook Followers
1400 Pinterest Followers

Sponsorship Options

1. Giveaway
A giveaway is a fun way to spread the word about you & your product! Giveaway items should be of interest to moms & families. You are responsible to provide & ship the product to the winner. Your giveaway will be advertised through Twitter, facebook, and online giveaway directories. There is a fee for giveaways when a review item is not provided.

2. Review
If you have a product that is of interest to moms & families, I would love to review it! You are responsible to provide & ship the review item to me. I will only post honest reviews on my blog and will let you know if I cannot provide an honest, positive review so that you can opt out of a published review if you wish, having received some helpful feedback.

3. Review & Giveaway
A review paired with a giveaway is awesome because I can share my personal opinion of your product while generating more buzz through the excitement of a giveaway.

4. Sponsorship/Sidebar Advertising
You can sponsor Raising Memories by the month, or save by sponsoring for 3 or 6 months at a time. Details about ad sizes & prices are below. Sponsors are welcomed monthly through twitter, facebook, and in a brief introduction/description at the bottom of one of my posts.

5. Blog Swap
If you have a blog of similar size & topic to mine, I would love to do a blog swap with you! It is a great opportunity for us to introduce each other to our readers. This can include swapping ad space. Just send me an email & we can work something out!

Ad Sizes

$15 per month / $37 for 3 months / $67 for 6 months
Large ad on sidebar at top of sponsor section

$12 per month / $30 for 3 months / $55 for 6 months
Medium ad on sidebar between large & small ads

$10 per month / $25 for 3 months / $45 for 6 months
Small ad on sidebar, below larger ads in sponsor section

All billing is processed through Paypal and must be received before your ad is featured on the blog. Larger ads are featured above smaller ads. Advertising rates are subject to change as blog readership increases.

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