Raising Memories: Amber's School Themed Bridal Shower

Monday, September 12, 2011

Amber's School Themed Bridal Shower

I've been sharing bits & pieces from the bridal shower that my cousin & I threw for my sister and now I'm finally ready to share photos from the whole thing! It seemed like the perfect theme for someone who is engaged to her highschool sweetheart (and who also happens to be a teacher) :)

I stacked these books on each end table, to give guests a hard surface to write on for a game we'd be playing- they were a good last minute addition to the decor, too :)

I also decorated with garlands made of photos of the engaged couple over their years together & their engagement photos.

These are the invitations we delivered ahead of time (more about them here).

Above the food table, there was another garland of photos of the bride-to-be with each of the shower guests, throughout her life.

The food table which included:

Berry Parfaits

Oreo Cheesecake Truffles (in the shape of apples)

Games & activities included:

"Toss the Bouquet" (my cousin made little flowers out of candy sticks for each person to toss and attempt to get into the hat)

"He Said/She Said" with little hats for people to hold over their heads to indicate their answers. (Inspired by this)

How well do you know the bride- a quiz

...and what would a shower be without advice from the guests? ;)

Of course we unwrapped gifts.

...and here are the little chocolate apple thank yous that I made for the guests.

It was so fun to do this project for my sister! I loved searching the web for ideas and coming up with my own spin on a few things. I'm already getting excited about planning Katrina's birthday party- and that's not for another 3 months! ;) (I do not know what happened to me- I never thought I was crafty before- and I used to think spending time on something like this was a bit of a waste- now I see how much fun it can be & how nice it is to do something thoughtful for someone you love and have them see the work & care you put into it... and I guess anyone can be crafty (if you choose the right crafts ;)... there were some I wanted to do but had to take off my list b/c they were too complicated or time consuming!


  1. What a wonderful shower. Wish I knew you when I got married. (24 years ago)

  2. I got many of these ideas from Pinterest and just adapted them! But thank you :)

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    Just wondering, where do you get your photo prints done? Do you print them yourself at home or take them to a photo lab? Any recommendations?

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