Raising Memories: Project 365 - Week 1

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 365 - Week 1

This year I've decided to take on Project 365.

Here's what I've challenged myself to:

Here's week 1:


  1. When did you start your project? I wanted to do something similar... but it's January 21 and I already missed the new year.....

    1. Hi Sundy!
      I started mine on January 1st, but I think you could start today! You can still do a 365 project- just take it to January 21st of 2014! :) Or let it be a project 344! ;)

  2. I have seen others post about this project too, but didn't see it until after the first of the year. :( I want to do it too and I guess like you said, I could start now and do it for the rest of the year. Yay!! I'm going to do it!! :)

    1. Yes, you should do it! :)
      I just stopped over to your blog- I love the design of it- the colours are so calming :)

  3. Thank you so much Heather! I started my blog just as a way to keep family and friends informed of my daughter's progress when she was born and fun things that we did. Then back in September, I decided to change it up a bit, redesign (with the help of a graphic designer friend of mine) and take it in a different direction. I'm still getting used to the blogger lifestyle, but love doing it and am so excited to continue this journey!! I will definitely start taking the pics and do the rest of the year!! Thanks again and I love reading your blog!! :)


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