How to Remove Sticker Residue from Clothes

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Clothes

Here's how to remove sticker residue off of clothes- even if they've been washed with the sticker still on! 

You can remove sticker residue from clothes using things you probably have around the house already!

Have you ever washed clothing with a sticker on it?
...and put it through the dryer?

I just found out how to get sticker residue off a shirt after washing it and I never would've guessed that this would work!

How to get sticker residue off of clothes
How to get sticker residue off of clothes

So, Katrina put a sticker on my T shirt one day & I totally forgot about it, washed the t shirt, and put it in the dryer. Then when it was time to fold & put it away, I found a very difficult-to-remove mess of sticker goo on the front of it!

I tried washing it again, without drying, to see if that would loosen it up, and it sure didn't!

So, I started googling and among suggestions, I found peanut butter. So, I gave it a whirl!

How to Remove Sticky Residue From Clothes

Peanut Butter can remove sticker residue from clothes

I started by spreading it on like a sandwich.
(Ken walked in the room to see what I was doing & just started laughing ;)
Remove Sticker Residue

I let it sit for a few minutes (not too long- I couldn't wait to test this out!), and took an old toothbrush to it, giving it a good scrub.
how to remove a washed-on sticker from clothes

I scrubbed until the peanut butter and some sticker residue had gotten all stuck up in the brush (you can't see it all in this pic, cuz I'd already rinsed it a bit)
Get Sticker Residue off of clothes

Then I thought I'd help the greasy peanut butter along with some soap:
DIY Sticker Residue Removal from Clothing

Scrubbed it with the tooth brush again, and then put it in the wash.
How to remove sticker residue from fabric

It came out good as new! I'm so happy!
What an easy way to deal with this problem!

(Now that I know how to remove stickers from clothes, I tried this method again on sticker residue on plastic containers, and it works just as well!)


  1. It works great getting gum out of hair too!

  2. Thank you for this post! I just noticed there is sticky residue on my daughter's shirt from the size sticker. It didn't come off in the wash. I will try this!

  3. Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Interesting post. I heard a rumour the peanut butter helps remove stains (i.e. the secret of the Laundromat industry).

    If you need to remove adhesive or glue from surfaces that are not clothing (e.g. after removing a sticker or decal from a window, car, or computer), a good product is citrus degreaser or Eucalypt oil. Citrus degreaser is available from home depot and costs less than $10 a can.

    The reason I know this is have alot of experience in removing decals and adhesives (not from clothes). Some video demo’s I came across are available at

    Keep up the good work on your “Tuesday tutorials”


  5. This is perfect timing! The husband's work shirt just went through the wash with stickers on it...And now it is not pretty...Going to try this out!

  6. Im So Excited, It worked and was so easy :) Thank you

  7. I did not believe this would work, but have been truly surprised! Two shirts with the size labels still on went through the wash. I thought they were ruined but the peanut butter actually took the whole lot off and after a wash they looked like new. Who'd have thought putting food on would help clean something up? Has to be something to do with the peanut oil I reckon.

  8. I just tried this on a pair of knit pants, that when we took the size sticker off it left the glue. I did not think they were salvageable and it was too late to return them. I left it on maybe 5 minutes and it worked like magic, I scrubbed off with a soft nail brush. I was afraid to try goof-off because I thought it might leave an oil stain on the pants, I am going to throw them in the wash now. Hoping there is no oil "stain"!

  9. This worked great! Thank you so much!!!


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