Raising Memories: A Fun Family Escape (Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Fun Family Escape (Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa)

Last weekend our family went away for a few days to Ottawa and Montreal. We were looking for a family-friendly hotel to stay in while we were in Ottawa and we found just the place. We stayed in a Junior Suite at the Brookstreet Hotel and it was just right for our family getaway!

The photo above is of the girls sitting in the foyer of the hotel, happy with their little Brookstreet Hotel drink bottles.  When you book the "B Family Getaway Package", your kids get a little welcome backpack with drink bottles that can be refilled at their restaurants with milk, water, juices, or soft drinks anytime during your stay, as many times as you want- our girls thought this was great!

The welcome backpacks also included a colouring book with crayons, a pouch with tokens to use at their Zone 525 games room, and some other information about the hotel.  The girls got right to work colouring in their books as soon as we got up to our room (you can see that in the little video tour that I did of our suite).

As soon as we got into our room, we opened the curtains and checked out the view. I love that there were so many large windows!

After getting settled, we went downstairs to check out all of the fun parts of the hotel. The Zone 525 games room was lots of fun for the girls.  I loved that they had a little movie theatre in the games room!  You could borrow movies from the front desk and watch them there. They also had a couple of gaming systems (Wii & Xbox 360; games available at the front desk) as well as arcade games that you could use your tokens on.

The dance game was the girls' favourite, although they loved the racing game and the game that was projected on the floor (that didn't require tokens) as well.  There were also a couple of ride-type games in the hallway just outside of the games room that would be a fun way to use tokens for younger kids.

As a kid, one of the most exciting things for me about a hotel would be when it had an indoor pool! The Brookstreet's pool is pretty cool- not only do they have a saltwater pool and a hot tub, but they also have a really neat "toddler wading pool" which may have been geared toward toddlers, but it was pretty fun for my kids, too. ;)  Here's a 20 second video clip of a few of the fun things the girls enjoyed at the hotel games room and pool:

We stayed at the hotel on a Thursday night, but if you stay there on a weekend, they also have planned activities for kids!

After all of the fun at the pool, we headed upstairs to get ready for bed and a little surprise for the girls. When you book the B Family Getaway Package, they bring cookies and milk up to your room for a bedtime snack!

Funny story about this photo... I know you can see the plastic wrap that's around the glasses in this photo, but for some reason I really could not see it in person (or I would have removed it for the photo).. and right after I took this photo, I bent down to take a sip from one of the glasses and my lip hit the plastic wrap. haha! (I guess that's a good way to keep the milk from spilling on the way up to your hotel room- the glasses were pretty full!)

Funny story #2 about that photo: If you were looking closely, you may have seen the reflection of someone's... ahem... backside on the table next to the cookies.  That's the reflection of the artwork hanging on the wall behind the table where the cookies are sitting. There were two nude impressionism paintings in the room and although they weren't detailed (and only showed the backside), our girls were a bit shocked to see them. There were similar paintings in the hallway on the way to the pool. That was probably the only thing that might not be 100% child-friendly about the hotel, depending on how concerned you are about that sort of thing.

After cookies and milk and getting the girls settled for bed, it was really nice to be able to retreat to our own room and not worry about keeping lights out or having to whisper so that the girls could sleep- it was also lovely to be able to sleep in a little longer than the girls because of our separate room, and the fact that they got right to work on their colouring books when they woke up!

We had a lovely stay at the Brookstreet Hotel during our time in Ottawa- I only wish we could've been there for more than one night!

Thank you to Brookstreet Hotel for hosting us for our getaway.

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  1. What a great family friendly hotel. Many hotels claim to have "welcome packs" but Brookstreet really delivers. So cool!

  2. Oh that looks sweet! LOVE it when hotels go that extra little distance further to make the trip special, like treats for the kids, I bet they enjoyed the milk and cookies. :D Will have to suggest this hotel next time we hit up Ottawa to visit family! Thanks for the heads up! :)

    1. I agree. It's the little things that really make a difference!

    2. I agree. It's the little things that really make a difference!

  3. Wow! This looks like the perfect place for a family getaway. I love all the little touches that make it really stand out.

    1. I agree- the little touches make such a difference to the overall experience!

  4. THAT WINDOW IN THE HOTEL. Unreal. Love it. p.s Ottawa is the best place in the entire world.

    1. I know!! :) We loved visiting Ottawa- I hope to go back again before too long because there was more that I wanted to see!

  5. This looks like a fab hotel! I'll have to remember it when I go to Ottawa next time. I think my kids would go nuts in that games room. The movie theatre looks great too!

  6. WHAT an amazing hotel! I have only heard of AMAZING things about this hotel!! I love the little extras they through in!! I will defintely stay there next time I'm in Ottawa!

  7. Great review! Makes me want to stay there - even though I live in Ottawa! :)

  8. Love it! I stayed here once and we loved the hotel, but it was without the kids. Had no idea they were so kid friendly! Love the cookies and milk. Little things like that put my girls over the moon.


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