May 2017 Sharing Time

Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 2017 Sharing Time

Welcome to the May Link Party!

Recent Posts: 

I have some giveaways going on this month!!

First, there's a giveaway over on Instagram for a Hot Iron Holster & a Hobby Holster!!

Another Instagram giveaway for this fun Bubble Wand & lots of bubble solution:

There's also a PlasmaCar giveaway posted on the blog, so don't miss the chance to enter that!

On the blog, I shared a post about a bedroom makeover on the girls' shared bedroom.

I shared Ken's new watch and a giveaway for a wood watch.

Next up was a tutorial to make this hanging toothbrush holder, to clear space on your bathroom counters!

Finally, I wrote all about my experience at a blogger conference and shared some thoughts I have about connecting (with you!).

Photo Credit: Mostafa Photography

Now, on to the May link party!  I love to see what fun things you've been up to!

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  1. Thanks for all the info. I've now entered the contests of Instagram :-)


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