Raising Memories: The Algonquin Resort & Saint Andrews New Brunswick

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Algonquin Resort & Saint Andrews New Brunswick

Although heading toward home from Nova Scotia was a bit of a sad thought for us after such a wonderful trip eastward, we were excited to get to see more of New Brunswick. New Brunswick is a beautiful province, full of lush forests, fields, and breathtaking vistas. We loved all the little towns that we passed through, but one of our favorites was St. Andrews where we stayed the night at the incredible Algonquin Resort.

The building is breathtaking and the grounds, the interior and amenities are no less impressive.

The room we stayed in was charming and nicely decorated. It was a small room with two double beds, a desk, a closet, a dresser and T.V. as well as a very nice bathroom. Our youngest daughter described it as: "Amazing, awesome, super comfy bed, stunning," and..."kapow!" (I'm not too sure what to think about that last one - but she sure was excited talking about it!)

I really liked this bathroom and it may be a small thing, but we really loved the shampoo and conditioner at this hotel; my shower felt a little spa-like!

When we arrived to our room, we found some Algonquin Chocolate Truffles and Algonquin Granola waiting for us. This was so perfect after a day of travelling!

There were little gift bags on the girls' bed with a little snack and juice box inside for each of them. They were so excited to see them!   In the photo below on the right, you can see the little nook by the window with a desk.

Here is the view from our window. It overlooked a really nice balcony with gardens that we loved exploring and beyond that, the water!

Saint Andrews is a small town that's fun to explore. That said, in the short time we were there, we were hardly able to scratch the surface. There are some beautiful gardens nearby and I hear there's also a chocolate factory not far from where we were- I'm so sad we missed that! One must-see place is St. Andrews by the Sea which has some cute shops and several restaurants.

There is also a large wharf that you can walk out on to get an incredible view of Passamaquody Bay (that's right, same name as the town in the original Pete's Dragon!)

We stopped in town at a little diner and had a quick dinner before heading back to the resort.

The favourite part of the resort for our girls was definitely the pool and water slide. From the photos below, I'm sure you can see why. I thought it would be fun to have my youngest daughter guest post to describe this next part...here we go:

The water slide was awesome! I thought it would be scary at first because it's dark and twisty, but it was really fun in the end, especially with the friend that I met! We got to use our new under water camera on the slide and we'll share some of the videos soon. The pool was really fun to dive into and play Marco Polo with our new friends. 

In the evening, Ken and Talia went off exploring every corner of the resort. They didn't want to miss a thing! While exploring, Talia captured this awesome stair shot by laying on the ground and looking up - definitely a photographer in the making!

Our family has loved getting to know Eastern Canada for ourselves these past several days, it is only unfortunate that we can't stay longer in each place. The Algonquin Resort is very high on our list of places that we would like to return to (but for a much longer visit) and we highly recommend it. 

There are so many things to do and see nearby, like Kingsbrae Gardens, Katys Cove, The Chocolate Museum, parks and trails, just to name a few (not to mention preferably a little more R&R!)

Thank you to the The Algonquin Resort and Tourism New Brunswick for all of the memories we made while in St. Andrews, and for hosting us for this part of our trip!

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  1. Such a super clever design on the inside. I can see all of the A themes in the angles of the building itself. Clever. Love the waterslide. That would be a hit with all of us here too. This is such a lovely looking spot and I chuckled too at the Kapow comment from your youngest daughter. It is Kapow alright! LOL. I will look into this accommodation if we end up out east next year. It looks perfect for families.

    1. It is really cool- inside and out! haha Yes, definitely Kapow! ;)

  2. Looks like a great place to stay and spend time. I can not wait to visit the east coast one day

  3. OH WOW! I actually have never had New Brunswick on my bucket list but now...just added! it looks stunning there! Definitely my kind of resort. The rooms look so inviting.

    1. That's awesome to hear! I think people don't realize what there is there to do!

  4. What a beautiful resort. Love the design of the rooms and the fun gifts for the girls!

    1. Me too! The gifts were such a nice touch and everything was beautiful in the building!

  5. Wow that is a really beautiful hotel, and look at that water slide! Love the beautiful views as well.

  6. The Algonquin Resort looks like a wonderful place to stay, I'll take a miss on the water slide though :-)

  7. Thanks what a wonderful place to stay,everything looks so nice !

  8. What a lovely building, and it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. :-)

  9. I love your daughter's summary and kapow says it all. The Algonquin Resort looks perfect for family vacation fun.

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!


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