Photoshop Fun

Photoshop Fun

First order of business: If you've left me a message in the last 2 weeks, or are waiting to schedule a session, I will be in touch with you this week.

I've been away on vacation for 2 weeks and I know it's been pretty dead around this blog, so I thought it was about time I posted!

And no, I don't have any photos to share from our trip- they haven't even been loaded onto the computer yet!

But I do have something photo-related to share. This evening after I got the girls to bed, I decided to get on the computer and play around with some things in Photoshop, for fun (it's been a while!).

I pulled up a photo that I took in January of 2008 and re-did the processing.
Here's how I processed it then:

Tonight I did some sharpening, burning, cloning, channel mixing, and added a border. When I was finished, it looked like this:

It's always interesting to me, to pull out an old picture that I took, and then re-process it the way I would do it now. It's encouraging to see that I'm learning more about Photoshop over time!

I love computers, art, and photography, so processing images on the computer after shooting is one of my favourite parts of photography. I've shared a few before & afters on my facebook page and have received interested comments about them, so I thought I'd make this the first of more posts on the blog about Photoshop and sharing some before & afters.

Now, I'm just curious... to me, the above photo is about the two birds sitting together... did your eye go to them? Or was it just a picture of part of a tree, to you?


  1. cool picture. i love the way you processed it. i'll be honest...i didn't even notice the 2 birds but then after you said that i couldn't stop noticing the birds. lol.

    i'm excited to hear about the vacation :)

  2. Thanks Jacquie, I need to get on it & upload those photos to the computer- yesterday I took a couple of pics of Katrina & filled my card, so I really do need to ;)

    Yeah, that's what happened to me too, I was just taking pics of the tree with lots of birds on it, experimenting, then when I looked through them, I noticed this one had just 2 noticable birds, sitting together, & thought that was cool.

  3. My eyes definitely went to the birds. You need to blow this up and put it on canvas. Truly a work of art!


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