Ava's Tea Party

Ava's Tea Party

For a while now, I've been following Sheye Rosemeyer's Blog . I am drawn to not only her fabulous photography, but her truthful and wonderfully written posts about her family, her friends, and her experiences.

If you have never heard of Sheye or visited her blog, you should check it out! When I first visited her blog, I clicked on a link called Ava and read about Sheye's Super Princess. I was touched and deeply affected by her story and many entries that I read in the archives of Sheye's blog.

That day I did a lot of thinking, some praying, and some reevaluating of my life. That day I changed my desktop photo to one of pink balloons, to remind me of the priority in my days- my own little princesses.

Today Sheye's blog is about celebrating Ava's birthday, and everyone is invited:

I intend to take time on Saturday to have a pink milk tea party with my girls. For Ava, for my girls, and for the reminder that I continually need, to treasure each moment, to live in the moment, and to make the moments beautiful.

Because I don't have photos to share from Ava's day, here's one from another tea party on Talia's birthday:


  1. Thanks for sharing Sheye's blog! What an inspiration. I love that you have a pink balloon on your desktop. So sweet.

  2. I love this post, Heather. I missed the tea party day, but I'll have to have one with my girls sometime still. Thanks for the reminder to make those special moments for us to share.

  3. OMG this is the cutest thing ever!! I wish I would of known! I would of made cupcakes in her honor!!


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