Today's project with my preschooler was to make a calendar.We made a calendar of the days left in September & the rest of October. The point was to show her the days of the week, and to let her have her own calendar that she could count down to special events with.

She chose the sticker colour for playgroup & ballet class and put them on the calendar, then we chose special stickers for friends visiting, Grandma coming, etc.

She chose to hang it on the dishwasher, and is excited to show it off to everyone!


She didn't seem to "get" the order of the boxes.

Writing the numbers on each day was an opportunity to discuss counting.

Things I Would Change:

I'm thinking of cutting the weeks out & pasting them onto a separate paper, to help her to understand the order of the days.

Could have let her write the numbers on the days & spent more time discussing the numbers & counting.


  1. You've pulled my toddler self out of my memories and reminded me how exciting things like that were. You've rekindled a bit of nostalgia! Thanks for that.

  2. fun! i can't wait until jack can do fun projects like that with me.

  3. You will have to let me know if you are into something really specific because I have a whole binder worth of activities they do in day care for both the girls age groups.

  4. Laura, I would love to get ideas for K's age! I often think there must be things I should do with her that I'm just not thinking of!! I'll have to send you a message- we need to get together sometime, and we still need to get you out to playgroup! :)

  5. Wow, this is so great! Way to magnify your motherhood, Heather!

  6. haha thanks Tami!
    I'm trying to do better... we'll see how it goes! :)


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