Flyer Shopping

Flyer Shopping

Another idea from Emily at Learning Vicariously, I got out the grocery flyers and a marker and had Talia circle the foods she liked and cross out the ones that she didn't.


I was interested (& pleased) to find that after discussing her dislike for pickles, she didn't want to cross them out- she asked me if I liked pickles & when I said yes, she wanted to circle them for me, so that I could have them :)

This generosity continued as we came across shampoo that she recognized as the kind that Daddy uses, bodywash she has seen in the shower, etc.

I also observed that she was more interested in colouring them in than circling them- although she did circle them before completely blacking them out with marker :)

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  1. haha thats funny that she recognized shampoo and body wash that you have in the shower. and i love that she asked you if you liked pickles before crossing them out. funny girl.


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