Bubble Wrapping Paper

Bubble Wrapping Paper

The second way that we made wrapping paper was a lot of fun! It's a neat effect, and it's pretty easy to do with what you have on hand at home. (And what preschooler doesn't love blowing bubbles with a straw???!)

What You'll Need:

- shallow dish
- cup of water
- food colouring
- tsp. of dishsoap
- straw
- white paper

What To Do:

pour water, colouring, and soap into dish. Stir.

Blow bubbles with straw until they come above top of dish.

Touch paper to bubbles, repeat until paper is covered.

Let bubbles pop & let paper dry.



  1. You just have to mention every 15 seconds that they can't SUCK!! That mouthful of soap usually ruins the fun.

  2. haha yes, there was a very clear explanation about soap in the water before any straw sucking could begin ;)


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