Water Tub Variations

Water Tub Variations

After trying the sink/float experiment, I decided to involve Katrina (my 11 month old) in the process next time.

It wasn't long before the next time & Katrina LOVED it! She stayed interested just as long as Talia did, and even ended up climbing right in at the end! :)

This time since we weren't doing the sink/float experiment, I filled the tub with kitchen items and toys that are fun to use with water (a straw, a rubber duck, measuring cups, etc.)

Another day, Talia used the water tub again, but this time we filled it with soapy, bubbly water.

She loves playing with this tub! Now, if only I could figure out how to keep her from flooding the floor or attempting a spontaneous mini-bath....


  1. I'd just suggest putting a large towel/towels around and under the tub and let 'em splash! I love seeing how much fun my nieces are having! You are doing an excellent job at magnifying your motherhood Heather! Such a good example to remind me not to get bogged down in the day-to-day ho-hum stuff. What a precious time of life, and you are not wasting it!

  2. I guess the plural towelS is the key. I did put a towel under. But by the end of the experience, I had multiple, fully soaked, towels on my hands ;)


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