Facebook Freedom

Facebook Freedom

Balance is something that seems to have been on my mind for years now! I suppose it will always be something that I'll be striving for, and working towards. Balance seems to be an elusive state that is always changing, but always worth working toward.

Last week, in an effort to help myself to limit time spent online (specifically, on facebook), I deleted almost all of my facebook friends. I just felt like Facebook was something I could do without, but not quite. So, I kept my facebook groups that help me to keep up with playgroup & book club events. I kept my family members that I keep in touch with through facebook over long distances, and I kept a small few friends who I don't communicate with much in other ways. I also kept my photography & Heritage Makers/Raising Memories Facebook Pages.

It has been rather freeing! I have missed some things about it (especially the convenience of sending someone a quick message through FB), but I can tell that it has made a good difference in the way that I spend time online, so I'm happy! (If I decide to quickly "check" FB, it really is quick! I don't get distracted by a list of updates. If you were a friend on facebook & have noticed my disappearance, this is why! Please don't feel offended- you're still my friend! ;)

Has anyone else made a drastic change to your Facebook situation in order to cut back on time spent online? Or thought about it? Have you made other changes? Let me know in the comments- I'm always interested to hear what others have done- you inspire me!


  1. Ahhhh yes...balance. I stink at it.
    I deleted my whole account, as you know and then reactivated it three short days later because I missed so many things! I feel too bad deleting friends becuase I was once defriended and I took it personally. Actually I sent that person kind of a confrontational email along the lines of "If you are upset with me I wish you would talk to me rather than deleting me!" ...I forgot I wasn't in ninth grade and shouldn't have cared.

    Anyway....yes. Balance.

    Let me know when you find that and where I get me some.

  2. hey heather,

    some things i changed on facebook were:

    -just like you did, i went through my friends list and deleted people that i either didn't know very well, or didn't talk to very much at all (if ever!) on facebook.

    -when my homepage comes up and there are a bunch of "farmville" or people posting random things on a regular basis, blah, blah, blah...they're hidden from my home feed.

    -i don't post as many pictures. i find that whenever i post a picture or status update or anything like that, i want to keep checking back to see if there are any comments. if i haven't posted anything, i'm not expecting anything, and i don't go on as much as i used to.

    instead of facebook now, i spend my time looking at blogs... :I


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