Thursday Thoughts (Making Amends)

Thursday Thoughts (Making Amends)

I like pretty boxes. Last year I bought this cute little Christmas box, to bring out at Christmas time, to use as a decoration, to wrap a gift, just to be a happy addition to our Christmas atmosphere.

This year, Talia decided to make it into a little home for some pet reindeer. Unfortunately for me (and my box), she decided these pretend reindeer needed air holes in their box...

It wasn't a fun discovery. I wanted her to understand that it's not okay to go about poking holes in things, so I expressed my sadness and told her that the box was special to me & that I had spent money on it and was sad that she had wrecked it.

That evening I came up to bed and found her piggy bank on my bed, with a note:

If you can't tell from the picture, the note reads:

Forr U mom To Bi a Noo Bocs Love Talia

Oh, how I love my sweet girl. :)


  1. That is darling and makes me teary. Such a good heart she is.

  2. Awww :-) What a sweetie you have!


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