Feature Friday (Pillow Thought)

Feature Friday (Pillow Thought)

1. I once got stuck in an elevator by myself in high school.
2. I like room temperature water best.
3. I used to have blond hair (like almost my whole life up until 2 years ago).
4. I worry way too much & I'm definitely not a risk taker.
5. I'm a little obsessed with taking pictures, just slightly :)

Lindsey's blog, Pillow Thought, is a place to be inspired! She writes: It all starts when my head hits the pillow at night and my creative juices start flowin! I share just about everything, whether it comes from me or fun things I find and want to share with my readers! Photography, Fashion, Crafts, DIY, Fun Finds, etc..

My little girl's 1st Birthday Party

My little girls 1st birthday Cake Smash

Our Living Room & Kitchen Before & After

Meet our Little Family of 3...

Travel Post


How/Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as an outlet. I keep our personal blog private and I wanted there to be a way I could still share little things with out exposing my ever so detailed life on our personal blog.

Has your reason for blogging changed? If so, why?

My blog has always been about sharing inspiration. Pinterest is the perfect example, it is so addicting to just browse through.. I like to share my most favorite things on my blog.


Would you like to see your blog featured here? I'll be doing a "Feature Friday" post, featuring one blogger & their blog on Fridays throughout 2012. If you have a blog that you'd like to see featured, please send me an email to raisingmemories at gmail dot com to submit your blog.


  1. Thanks for being my first featured blogger, Lindsay! I like room temperature water best, too :)

  2. thanks heather!! you were too sweet to do one on me!!


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