Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Hi!  My name is Eva and I blog over at Tales of the Scotts.

I'm a stay-at-home momma to two very busy little people.  I'm a pastor's wife.  I love creating and blogging.  Over at my blog, you'll find crafts of all sorts, scrapbooking, sewing, a few recipes and funny stories of my kiddos.  Heather so nicely featured me on her Friday Feature series earlier this year.  It was my first time being featured and I was so thankful she did.  So, today I'm here to show you a chalkboard I created from a cabinet door.

We recently celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday.  We threw her a simple Pink Lemonade party.  (You can see the party post here).  We had a budget so I did a few DIY projects for the party to make it special.  

Today I'm showing you how I turned a cabinet door into a chalkboard!

I used some chalkboard paint for my Bathroom Message Board recently so I have chalkboards on the brain now.

Here are the steps I took:  1. Someone gave me several cabinet doors so all I did was remove the door. 2. I took it outside to sand.  3. You can see a small hole in the door where a handle was supposed to go.  I was going to buy some hole filler but didn't want to spend the extra money so I'll show you below how I covered up that hole.  4. All sanded and taped, ready to paint.  5. I used some flat light pink paint that I received for free.  6.  All painted (I did 2 coats) and ready to paint the middle with chalkboard paint.  I forgot to take a picture of this step but I just followed the instructions on the chalkboard paint bottle and did two coats.

And here it is all finished!  Sarah's Lemonade Stand.

I used this as a focal point outside as guests arrived.  

Here's what I did to cover up the hole.  I made some Fabric Yo Yo's and attached them with double sided tape so I could change this up if I wanted to.  I would have done a tutorial but it was my first time making them and didn't know if I'd mess them up.  :-)  But I followed this tutorial.  I really think these are adorable and will definitely be making more yo yo's.

So, I went from this cabinet door to this chalkboard.  I really love how it came together.  What I love is that I can change it up if I want.  After her party, it will go in her room but if I ever find that I could use it elsewhere, I can just repaint and add some different embellishments.
This is an easy way to repurpose something you may already have!  

Thank you so much for having me Heather!  I had a great time!

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Thanks so much for making a guest appearance on Raising Memories today, Eva!
If you want to see the feature I did on Eva & her blog, you can find it here!


  1. Very Cute idea, and budget friendly too!

    I came across your site from the Naptime review. Feel free to check out my site

  2. Thanks again for having me Heather!!


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