Thursday Thoughts: They're Going Back to School

Thursday Thoughts: They're Going Back to School

What's that? You've noticed I haven't blogged much this summer? You've missed me?
Okay, really though, has anyone missed me?

Sometimes I wonder who you are... you, who are reading this. I don't hear from you too often in comments or emails. I don't really blame you though- I read some blogs too, and most of the time I just read and then move on to the next post or the next thing to do. I pin the recipes or tutorials that I'd like to try someday, or I smile or laugh or cry to myself (about what I read) and then move on. I comment when I have something to say or when I've been so touched that I just can't leave without saying "thank you for writing that".

Is this your blog reading "routine" too?

... so I haven't blogged much this summer. I've been trying to focus on making the most of the time that I have with the girls home. This is the year that Katrina will begin school (not every day- thankfully, I get to transition slowly into this both-kids-at-school thing). I suspect the lack of blogging will change next month when I suddenly have more child-free time in my life than I've had for the past 7+ years. So, you'll be hearing (or reading, rather) from me more in the future.

What is that like? (the all-kids-at-school thing) If you're reading this and you've hit that stage or been through that stage, what was it like? Was it sad for you when they left? Were you excited about the alone time? Did you find it productive time? Did you find the "school time" part of the day flew by? Or maybe you were working so it didn't make a big difference to your day? Or you started working..

I have mixed feelings about it.
I didn't tell you this, but I was thinking about homeschooling. I've thought about homeschooling before. My husband was homeschooled for 4 years and I know a handful of people who were also homeschooled. Beyond that, I have met even more moms who are currently homeschooling (in real life, and through blogs). So, suddenly homeschool was on my radar although I never would have predicted that. This summer I spent a lot of time thinking about and researching homeschooling. I came really close this time, but in the end, school feels the most right for our family right now. I'm totally open to homeschooling at some point in the future if I think it is right, but for now, this is our choice.

So after thinking so seriously about homeschooling and all of the lovely pros that come with homeschooling, there is a sadness to sending them away to school in the Fall. I will miss spending more time with those munchkins!

Have your kids already started school this year?
What were your favourite things that you did with your kids or whole family this summer?

(Now, I know you're reading this, so come talk to me in the comments section so I don't feel like nobody's reading.. ;)

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on the whole experience of being sad when my kids go to school. Ha ha, one can never be happy! :) I for one am not ready for summer to end! Just one more week for us!

  2. I'm honestly glad to have school starting. My girls need time away from each other and while our busy school & activity schedule seems a little daunting right now with a newborn, I think we'll all enjoy having it back. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is homework. :]

  3. Home school can be great, public school can be great, private school can be great. One may be more great than another for different kids and families and sometimes different years. Good for you for being open minded. There are lots of right ways to educate children. Hopefully they both have a successful school year and there will be lots more blog posts out of you;)

  4. I know how you feel. Kid #2 will go to school for the first time but not to kindergarten but grade seven. It's a bittersweet feeling and we, my husband and I can only hope that we have given him the skills needs to succeed.

  5. Both of my girls were in school all day for a couple of years. I wasn't working outside the home - just blogging and keeping up with all the household stuff. I couldn't believe how quickly the hours flew by while they were in school! I also take into account that there were days when I volunteered in their classrooms at school, went on field trips, had one or the other home sick for the day, etc. So yes, I missed them at times, but we were still together a good bit!

    We are currently in our 3rd year of homeschooling. My girls are in 7th grade and 5th grade and it's been a wonderful break for us from the hustle and bustle (aka homework, afterschool activities, etc.) of regular schooling. However, they will probably go back to their Christian school next year. At this point, I don't intend to homeschool high school and think we'll be ready to rejoin the "fray" next year!

    Hope your kids have a great school year!


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