Christmas from Heaven - How to Make a Candy Parachute!

Christmas from Heaven - How to Make a Candy Parachute!

Deseret Book sent me a new book they've published called Christmas from Heaven and it taught us how to make a candy parachute just like the one in the story!

The book contains the true story of a young air pilot assigned to fly in much-needed supplies into a Soviet-blockaded Berlin. He has the idea to deliver candy to the children and "bombs" them with little parachutes carrying candy. The book comes with an incredibly touching DVD. The author of the book, Tom Brokaw, reads the story while the Tabernacle Choir adds music, we see images from the book, and children act out the story. We even get to meet the candy bomber himself, Colonel Gail S. Halvorsen.

The book comes with instructions on how to make a candy parachute from tissue paper, string, and tape.

Of course we had to give that a try! We still have lots of Halloween Candy around the house to try them out with. ;)

How to make a candy parachute
How to Make a Candy Parachute

It turned out that the girls grabbed a mini granola bar & used that! They played with the parachute on their own for a LONG time- until it fell apart beyond repair ;) Then they asked if they could split the little granola bar (I said Yes! ;)

What a great true story with an important lesson. I love the DVD that comes with the book and making the craft was so much fun! I really enjoyed this one!

Disclosure: I received this book/DVD from Deseret Book for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions & experiences shared here are my own!

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