How to Pack Your Summer Full of Fun! :)

How to Pack Your Summer Full of Fun! :)

We had such a busy week last week! Ken's good friend that he met while living in Mexico has been visiting Canada for a few months and he came to stay with us for about a week. He is going back to Mexico soon, so it was our last chance to do a bunch of things that he wanted to do while in Canada. We had so much fun in those 6 days! Today's post is a bit of a recap of some of the things that we did (at least the ones that I have photos of!)

He arrived in our town on Canada Day, so we celebrated together at a local celebration. We hadn't attended since before we had our own children, so it was fun to check it out again! I think this is the first time that we have gone somewhere (other than to Ken's parents' court where they set off fireworks for their little neighbourhood each year) for fireworks with the kids. Here we are with our 2 nephews (whose family we also met there).

I painted Talia's nails red with white polka dots to go with the day. Luckily Katrina wasn't in the mood to have hers painted because we ran out of time and mine ended up being plain white (not my full plan ;) the rest of the week. :)  We had a fun visit that morning with those same nephews & their parents, at a park.  And my parents came to visit for lunch & an afternoon visit before we headed off to pick Ken's friend up.

On day two, we headed for Niagara Falls. I love this photo I was able to grab of the American side with a rainbow in it!

We took the girls on the "Hornblower" (I'm not sure when they made the change from the old "Maid of the Mist", but it's basically the same thing with a different name).  I love this picture of the girls in anticipation of getting onto the boat.  We grabbed this dry photo of me with the girls on the boat, before everyone got wet with how close we got to the Falls- it is such a neat experience, and it was so fun to take the girls for it. :)

Neither of the girls could remember being to the Falls (although Talia thought she remembered it once we got there), so it was fun to take them, to show them how amazing they are, and to get some photos.  Here's one of the girls in front of the Canadian side (the "Horseshoe Falls").

On Day 3, we headed for another Waterfall called Webster's Falls (a gorgeous place where I took these photos).  While we were there, Talia found a legit four leaf clover!

Here's a photo of the Falls:

While we were walking, we were happy to discover some wild raspberries and a couple of mulberry trees!

We took a day to relax a bit after all of the walking we'd been doing, to enjoy some home-made cinnamon rolls and some authentic Mexican cooking, and visit a local market and village. I didn't get any photos from that day.

The following day was Sunday so we attended church, had a little nap in the afternoon, cooked up some Gyozas for dinner and relaxed because we were exhausted from all of our adventures so far!

Monday was our last day together and we decided to visit the CN Tower.

The last time we were here was 11 years ago, on our honeymoon!

How fun to be back just over a decade later, with our daughters. :)  Here are the girls on their first trip up the tower:

That night we had one last dinner together and then said goodbye to our guest.  We hope it won't be long before we see him again!  What a great way to start the summer- with a fun week, packed with fun and adventure!  I can't wait to see what the rest of the season will bring!

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  1. looks like a very fun time! We haven't taken the kids to Toronto or Niagara yet - I would like to do it next summer maybe. Ithink they would enjoy it. How awesome for your hubby's friend to get to spend Canada Day with you!

  2. Wonderful photos. Looks like all of you had so much fun. The falls is gorgeous!

  3. Wow! You guys certainly know how to have FUN! Looks like you had an amazing time! Just think of what you can do for the rest of the summer! Lol

  4. I love your nails. Red with white dots is so cute. I also love how you went to the CN Tower with your girls. How fun to go back with them.

  5. Your nails are so cute! :) Love going to Niagara Falls, had no idea they changed the name from Maid of the Mist to Hornblower. :/ That's kinda sad. The Mist is such an iconic attraction and Hornblower sounds so, "Blah." lol. Love all of your pics, it looks like you and your fam and a ton of fun!

  6. Awe,I love your nails,looks like you had a blast!


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