Free Days & Summer Fun!

Free Days & Summer Fun!

The first month of our Summer came in with a bang! We did a lot of fun day trips and little getaways within that month, and now we're starting to have more free days. Recently, I decided to take the girls to see a daytime showing of the new Minions movie. We had enjoyed the silly little characters in previous movies and I thought it would be a fun surprise.

That morning, I told the girls to put on their Minion Shirts (from this trip) and that was their clue to the special event of the day. :)

My kids still have some Halloween candy left, so they each gathered some treats from their Halloween bags to bring to the movie and we were off! I had also promised them that after the movie, we would stop by Walmart to pick up some Minion Kinder Eggs as a special treat! (They were excited to add to the Kinder minion collection they began recently).

Here they are outside the theatre with their Kinder Eggs:

I have to say as a parent , that I wasn't a huge fan of the Minion movie. It was fine overall, but I didn't like the amount of "bare bum humour" (including a Minion in a thong) and there was a part that involved torture devices (which were not used in the traditional way, but it made me uncomfortable that they were included in a movie for young kids).  I asked my kids what they thought of the movie and their comments were positive.  I figure most of the things that made me a little uncomfortable probably went over their heads. So, depending on how sensitive you are about what you let your kids watch, you may want to look into the details of the movie before you take your young kids.

It was definitely a fun outing though and the Kinder Eggs were a great way to end it! (They went home to play with the puzzle one of them got, and add the little Minion figurine to their collection).

I love finding little surprise ways to make these free days of summer more fun and memorable!  We did something else really fun recently with a free day, and I look forward to sharing that with you!

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  1. Kids everywhere are just loving this movie! It's great to see how happy and excited your two cuties are :-)

  2. Love those shirts, while my kids have not seen the Minions movie, they still are "minion crazy" and have spotted the minion kinder eggs at the stores.

  3. I cant wait to see this movie with the kiddies :)

  4. I am taking the kids to the movie today.We also have had the Minion Kinder Eggs and my girls just love collecting the little guys!

  5. Kit loves Kinder Eggs and Minions, so that sounds like a win-win! :) We actually tried to watch the movie last night, and was shocked to find the movie sold out, even though its been released for over two weeks now.

  6. we went to the drive in to see this last night! If it wasn't sooooo hot out kinder eggs would have been a perfect treat to take with us!

  7. Haven't seen the movie yet, but my girl recently discovered the joys of Kinder eggs....good times!

  8. My son loved the Minion movie as well! We also love the Kinder eggs Minion collection!

  9. So awesome! I had been meaning to take Little One to see the Minion movie, but it got so busy this Summer :( She's a Minion fanatic (just like every other girl and boy out there her age!) :)


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