8th Birthday Fun!

8th Birthday Fun!

We recently celebrated Katrina's 8th birthday and I want to document it here, to remember some of the little things we did to make her day special.  I had been feeling sick for nearly 2 weeks prior to her birthday, so Ken was a huge help in making things happen for her!

Ken woke up early and made pancakes, including this special "8 Pancake" and we brought it to her in bed, singing Happy Birthday. :)

Katrina loves Pop Rocks candy. The day before her birthday, she solemnly told Ken that she was going to put her last package of Pop Rocks (from Halloween) in her lunch for her birthday. That night, Ken & I sat up, taping 100 little packages of Pop Rocks candy to a string, to hang on her "birthday tree". I love how it turned out and it was totally worth her reaction in the morning! :)  

We found a bag of 100 little packages of popping candy at a dollar store for just 2 or 3 dollars. It was so worth it! The tree stayed this way for a few days before we were ready to take the bows down and put the Christmas tree decorations up. :)

Pop Rocks Candy Birthday

After her special birthday breakfast and Pop Rocks Tree discovery, the girls got ready for school and then she got to open her gift from us (a set of Shopkins). This girl sure loves Shopkins!

On the evening of her 8th birthday, Katrina was baptized. I have some photos to share with you about that soon as well. I sure love this spunky little munchkin and am so grateful to have her for a daughter!

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  1. You guys are awesome! You're so good at making things memorable. I love the pop rocks garland.

  2. I think the pop rocks are great! But the best part is, Trina does and you knew it and acted on it! Congratulations!

  3. That is so sweet. I love that you made it so special for her.


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