Free Printable Christmas Thank You Cards for Kids & Adults

Free Printable Christmas Thank You Cards for Kids & Adults

Christmas is a time for giving and there are so many things that we can give. No matter what you give to someone you love this year, no matter your budget, perhaps the most meaningful thing you can give is your true thoughts and feelings in the form of a note or letter. As part of the #LightTheWorld Service Initiative (encouraging people to find 25 ways to serve in 25 days), Melissa Esplin created these beautiful holiday themed thank you cards.

These are great for kids, because they have a blank area where children too young to write can draw a picture.  There's also a lined version with dotted lines for children still learning to print, and of course the blank one can be used for older children or adults to write a message, but that's not all that's included in this free kit!

The printable files include an envelope that can be cut out and assembled as well as an 8x10 scripture print (shown below) that you can frame and display as part of your Christmas decor, or give as a gift.

You can download this free printable kit here.

If you're interested to see how others are using this kit, will be sharing some links to what others have done with it, as they are shared. You can also find more about the Worldwide Day of Service by visiting (where new content will be added each day in December).

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  1. These are beautiful! I love that this would be perfect for Little Mama now that she's taking such an interest in writing notes. Thanks for the printables!! Happy Holidays!

  2. Love these! I would prefer to print my own cards rather than buy them since we never use half of the ones that we do buy, lol.

  3. These are beautiful printable thank you noes. It's always worthwhile to teach children to be grateful.

  4. These are so beautiful and unique. I love that the kids can make their own since there's plenty of room to let their creativity flow

  5. One of my kids has a great affinity for writing letters. This would be perfect for making it special.


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