Douglas Mattress Review & Giveaway

Douglas Mattress Review & Giveaway

Ken and I have been trying out the Douglas Mattress for the last month. I waited to make sure we'd had some good time and experience with it before I shared our experience with you and I'm excited that it's finally time to tell you about it! (and to show you how a Queen sized mattress can fit inside of such a tiny box! Keep scrolling for a video... )

I have partnered with and was provided with a mattress and pillows in exchange for my thoughts. All opinions shared are my own. Affiliate links are provided should you decide to purchase products from my review. 

Our Mattress Backstory: 

We had been sleeping on our mattress for 8 years and I know, from my past as a furniture saleswoman, that we're right around the time when we might consider replacing it, depending on its performance. We LOVED our mattress when we bought it and for many years after, but recently we have both been waking up feeling stiff and sore. I've had a sore neck and shoulder and occasional back pain; he has had back problems, and we had suspicions that these could be, in part, improved by a new mattress.

Mattress In A Box

I had heard about foam mattresses that get delivered to your doorstep, squished and rolled up all tiny, inside a box. I had heard that you could try these mattresses for a decent period of time before deciding whether or not you wanted to keep them, and the company would refund you if you didn't like it!

I had already started to research this concept when I found out that was interested in partnering to share their new brand, "the most Canadian mattress in Canada", the Douglas mattress.

Douglas Mattress Blog and Video Review

Unboxing & Setup

Before I get into the review of how the mattress felt and what we thought overall, I want to show you what it's like to unpack a mattress from a tiny little box! Here's a quick video showing the unboxing process. (The video is sped up, so it's only a minute long, but this took us 4 minutes to do).

The first thing we noticed when we got the box was its weight! A queen sized mattress weighs 53 lbs, so even though they pack it into a tiny package, it takes some work to get it to your bed! The unboxing process is kind of fascinating because of the way they package it (which is why I decided to take a video to share with you). Rather than try and explain that in words here, I'll let the video do the talking for me.

The next thing we noticed, after getting it set up and getting all of the packaging materials out of our room, was a smell. Before that scares you off though, just know that the Douglas does not contain any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or impact the air quality. You don't need to air it out overnight and the smell WILL dissipate. The website says it will dissipate within a few hours. We did find that it lessened over a few hours, but there was a faint lingering smell for a couple of days before it was completely gone. We didn't really find it bothersome after the first few hours.

All Canadian

The Douglas mattress is made with Canadian-built foams and fabrics and is only available to buy in Canada. It has three different layers of different types of foam, for optimal bounce, cooling effect, movement isolation, and edge support. The cover is washable and made from an eco-friendly Natural Eucalyptus Fabric™.

Douglas Mattress Review
Douglas Mattress Review

120 Night Trial

Even after delivering it to your home and letting you sleep on it for up to 120 nights, will let you return your mattress if you don't like it! They donate returned mattresses to local charities and community organizations.

Our Douglas Mattress Review

We've been sleeping on the Douglas mattress for over a month now and we're excited to say that we plan to keep it! Ken saw a marked improvement to his back pain within the first week of sleeping on the Douglas. He had been having a really rough time, waking up almost every night in pain, and often taking a pain/muscle relaxant pill just to be able to sleep. That stopped after we got the Douglas, so we're convinced that it really was time for a new mattress.

My neck pain hasn't disappeared (so now I'm wondering if I need a different pillow), but I find the mattress just as comfortable as our previous mattress. I had been worried that I'd be giving up the plush comfort that I loved in our previous pillow top!

Douglas Foam Mattress Blog Review

If you're not sure whether to take the risk of ordering a mattress online or you're worried that it might not work for you the way that it worked for us, you can put your fears aside because of the 120 night trial- there's nothing to lose! I think this is a really clever concept and have been very impressed with the quality of the Douglas mattress!

Mattress Giveaway

The giveaway has ended but it's not too late to find the perfect mattress for you! Here's my affiliate link so you can head over to to take The Mattress Matchmaker Quiz and find out which mattress is the best fit for the way you sleep, the way your partner sleeps, your budget, and more!

More about the Mattress Matchmaker Quiz and our experience with it can be found in my new post, How to Find the Best Mattress For You.

Disclosure: I received a mattress in order to facilitate this post. All opinions shared are, as always, my own.

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  1. Thinks looks like a great option for at home but also at the cottage. We saw a few people with mattresses tied to their roof on the way up North last weekend. A mattress in this packaging would make for easy transport.

  2. I am blown away by this mattress too. I have had lower back pain for years. Had ZERO idea it was mattress related. I hung onto our old pillow top mattress because it still seemed new to me - mind you I guess it was easily 10 years old. It's one of those things that kept getting lower down the list so I had no real concerns about getting a new one. Then we slept on this mattress for like less than a week and I said to my husband my back pain is literally gone. WTH? He said yes I am not surprised - that mattress was not good for a long time. I honestly am amazed by this one.

    1. That's awesome that you've had such a great experience with it! I have heard a lot of positive feedback about the mattress from others- impressive!

  3. I am in the market for a mattress and I am so tempted to try this especially that I don't have to have a booked delivery time. The idea that they can leave the box at the front desk of my building appeals to me and makes things easier.

    1. Hey Dana :)
      Totally, and the fact that you can change your mind if you don't like it is awesome!

  4. Hi there! I'm interested in buying a Douglas bed as well. Do you find that the cooling top layer does what it claims and not get too hot? Also, how would you rate the quick sand feeling of the bed? And lastly, how long did they take to deliver? Thank you for the information!

    1. I have never felt like I was heating up as a result of laying on the foam. I wouldn't say that it has a quick sand feeling at all- I was surprised! I don't think I had a typical delivery experience because I didn't order from the website for this review, so I can't give any helpful feedback on that front.

    2. Thanks Heather! The bed should be arriving next week. Can't wait to try. :)

  5. I once had a mattress that was compressed like this, it really is fascinating to watch it grow to full size when unpacked. :-)

  6. Debbie White BeattieNovember 6, 2017 at 4:21 AM

    I've seen some good reviews on this mattress coming from several blogs and they look really comfortable

    1. It really is very comfortable- I was so impressed with it!

  7. Beautiful mattress. Very nice. Thank you.

  8. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post. choosing mattress for arthritis pain


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