Disney's Epcot in One Day - Our Top 10

Disney's Epcot in One Day - Our Top 10

After our last Disney trip, I promised that I would write a post about each of the parks at Disney World in Florida, and our favourite things to do at each. Today it's Epcot's turn, so here's what we'd recommend if you're going to do Epcot in one day.

Epcot Top 10 Disney World with Kids

Epcot is like a mini trip around the world, under the sea, and into outer space. While it includes many attractions and experiences tailored to children, I often think of it as the park I'd be most interested in attending as a couple or with just a group of adults. That being said, we visited as a family, so these top 10 will be keeping a family trip in mind.

Epcot in One Day

When you first enter Epcot, you see the infamous giant golf ball (officially called the Spaceship Earth geosphere). Then you walk through "Future World"- rounded buildings surrounding a fountain and a courtyard. Past Future World is the World Showcase- a loop surrounding a man-made lake. Walking the loop, you can get a taste of many countries as you walk through Mexico, Norway, China, Italy, Japan, Canada, and others.

Frozen Ever After Ride

The Frozen Ever After ride is in Norway. It's an indoor boat ride that's calm at times, and a little more thrilling at others. Of course, it's also a feast for the eyes as you follow the story around you with projected and animatronic scenes. We loved it!

Top 10 Rides at Epcot Disney World Florida

Soarin' Around the World

I know this ride has been around for a long time and the first time we went to Disney World, everyone recommended it to us but it was closed on the day we were there. I am so glad we got to ride it this time- it is definitely one of my top attractions! I found this photo that gives you a pretty good idea of what it's like. You sit in a chair that is lifted up and you face a curved screen that makes you feel like you are soaring above the world, taking in amazing scenes around you- it's magical and I highly recommend it! You'll find it in Future World.

Soarin around the World Epcot Florida

Turtle Talk With Crush

Also in Future World, this is such a clever attraction for kids- and entertaining for adults, too. You sit on the floor in front of a screen that shows you Crush from Finding Nemo (among other fish & characters from the movie), swimming around. Then Crush talks to the audience in an interactive way- but it isn't just staged, he's actually asking kids questions and responding to them. It's like he's really right there with you, and he brings humor along for the ride. ;)

Top 10 Things to do with Kids at Epcot

Test Track

Another must-try in Future World, while waiting in line for this ride, you get the opportunity to design your own vehicle. When you get to the ride, you watch a screen that shows you the car you designed, and then embark on a thrilling test drive! Talia loved this one because it was fun and thrilling- more like a roller coaster than a lot of the other rides at this park, with some small drops.

Top 10 Rides at Epcot Disney World

Impressions of France 

Les Halles in the France area of the World Showcase is a definite favorite place to stop for a treat! In the past we have tried (and loved their) crème brûlée.

Les Halles in France World Showcase Epcot

This year I tried the macaroons which were delicious as well. If you're going to buy yourself a treat, we highly recommend France as the place to do it!

Top 10 Things to do in Epcot with Kids


There aren't a ton of rides in Epcot and some of them are sort of tucked away in places you wouldn't expect. When you step inside this pyramid in Mexico, you'll find a beautiful restaurant as well as the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros (an entertaining Mexican boat ride).

Best Food in Epcot World Showcase

We ate Tacos Al Pastor (one of Ken's favorite authentic mexican foods from the 2 years that he lived in Mexico) at a quick service snack kiosk called Choza de Margarita, just to the left of the pyramid. They were amazing and if you like Mexican food, we highly recommend that you try them!

Best Food World Showcase at Epcot in Disney World Florida

Innoventions Fountain Show

In the middle of Future World is a fountain with awesome shows that you'll want to stop and watch if you have the time!

Flavors of Club Cool

There is a shop called Club Cool that sits across from the fountain in the middle of Future World in Epcot. Our kids love stopping to try free samples of many different soda flavors from around the world!
Top 10 Things to Do with Kids at Epcot in Disney World Florida

Sidenote: I've heard rumors that this fountain and Club Cool will be removed and replaced with a new garden. I'm not sure when these will close, but I hear that the changes are expected to be completed in 2022, so if you're heading to Epcot soon, you may want to check them out before the changes are made!

Spaceship Earth

Inside the Epcot ball is an attraction called Spaceship Earth, a classic Disney animatronic showcase of great moments in the earth's history. At the end of the ride you can answer a few questions on a touch screen inside your vehicle and get to see a glimpse of what your "tomorrow" looks like.

The Big Golf Ball Top 10 Rides at Epcot

Meeting Characters

In our experience, Epcot is not as packed with children as some of the other parks at Disney World. This makes Epcot the perfect place to visit characters because there aren't as many people competing for their attention! With some of the changes happening right now in Epcot, the spots to find characters is sometimes changing, so you can look up the best place to find them on the website.

That's it for our Epcot Top 10! 

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  1. I love France for the pastries. I ordered an eclair and it was so good.

  2. I went to Epcot as a child. So fun to see how it's changed!

    1. Yes, and it sounds like they've got some significant changes coming, so it would be interesting to return in a couple of years!

  3. I hope to some day make it to Disney. My son would love Test Track. He's big on cars.

    1. If you can make it work, I think it's worth it to go. It's pretty amazing!

  4. Nice places are these! So perfect to spend some good time with the family!

  5. You did an awesome job picking out the BEST spots! We are passholders, and I swear to you, I will go to Epcot JUST for those tacos! They are my all time favorite.

    1. Thanks Krystal! :) Aren't they good?! That's cool that you love them too & of all the places to eat, we both discovered them :)

  6. Looks like you had a great time. Love seeing all the pics!

  7. I will definitely go here if I get a chance. There are lots of things to see and experience!

  8. I have never been to any Florida theme park ( or FL for that matter) but posts like this make me want to explore. I think I would love Epcot the most and then Universal!

    1. I haven't been to Universal yet but I'd love to go- my kids have become big Harry Potter fans, so I think they'd love it!

  9. Macarons are my most favorite cookies at this point in life. They are so delicious!

  10. Soarin I amazing! We unfortunately canceled our 2020 2 week trip back. Something just lights up in me when I see what my kids call the big golf ball lol


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