7 Different Types of Self-Care - How to Figure Out What YOU Need

7 Different Types of Self-Care - How to Figure Out What YOU Need

We all know "you can't pour from an empty cup" but we often forget to prioritize ourselves. This can be especially difficult while parenting young kids, but I encourage you not to wait for any particular stage of life, and to look for self-care techniques that work for you in your current life circumstances. 

When we think of self-care, too often we stop at ideas for pampering ourselves, like bubble baths and naps. I want to encourage you to look beyond those to see many different types of self-care! 

7 Different Types of Self Care

I created a video series of 7 different types of self-care that can empower you to nurture your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and occupational well-being. I hope you'll use the videos and a free downloadable workbook (at the end of the post) to help organize your ideas & plans after watching the videos!

7 Different Types of Self-Care (Video Series)

1: Introduction & Physical Self-Care

Kickstart your self-care journey with an introduction to the seven types of self-care. In this opening video, we'll explore the foundational importance of physical self-care. Discover practical tips and insights to revitalize your physical well-being and lay the groundwork for a healthier life.

2: Emotional Self Care Ideas

Our emotions are the compass of our inner world. In this video, delve into the realm of emotional self-care. Learn how to navigate your feelings, cultivate resilience, and build emotional strength to enhance your overall well-being with 10 emotional self care ideas.

3: Social Self Care

Your social life plays a pivotal role in your happiness. Explore the significance of social self-care and discover ways to foster meaningful relationships, set boundaries, and create a supportive social network that nourishes your soul.

4: Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self care goes beyond religion; it's about finding meaning and connection in life. Join us in this exploration of your inner spirituality. Learn how to nurture your soul, find purpose, and embrace mindfulness as part of your daily routine.

5: Intellectual Self-Care

The mind is a powerful tool, and intellectual self-care ensures it stays sharp. Dive into the realm of intellectual self-care, where lifelong learning, creativity, and curiosity take center stage. Discover how to expand your horizons and challenge your mind.

6: Balancing Your Finances & Career

In this comprehensive video, I've combined financial and occupational self-care to help you achieve stability and satisfaction in your work life. Explore strategies for managing your finances, setting career goals, and creating a harmonious work-life balance.

Free Downloadable Self Care Workbooke

self-care workbook

Download your free printable workbook HERE.

To further empower your self-care journey, I've created a complementary self-care workbook. This resource will guide you through each of the seven self-care areas, allowing you to assess your current status and develop a personalized self-care plan using the insights from the video series. Download it today and start your transformative journey towards balanced well-being.

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