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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Top Notch Lobster Fishing Excursion (Prince Edward Island)

If you're planning a trip to P.E.I., you'll want to know about the Top Notch Lobster Fishing Tour because it was one of our favourite experiences!


Without a doubt, if you ask Ken what his favourite experience of our entire Eastern Canada road trip was, he'll tell you about our lobster fishing tour! It's definitely up there in my top moments, too. This was SUCH a memorable, educational, delicious, and fun experience!

Top Notch Lobster Fishing Tour

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Meaningful Mothering - Making Moments Matter

Some of the best memories of my family while I was growing up are of times when we were having fun together

I have distinct memories of doing unusual fun things with my parents like going to a fair where my dad walked through a fun house, pausing every time he came to a window to make crazy faces at us (we were watching from outside). Once when my dad was out of town for the night, my mom moved all of the furniture out of the kitchen and got the skipping ropes so she & I and my sisters could play Double Dutch! That night we also made cookie dough and ate it before cooking it. I won't forget that day!

Those kinds of special memories are a big part of strengthening our relationships with our children.

I taught a workshop with two other women at a Women's conference on Meaningful Mothering (in 2013) and shared some of my notes and thoughts from it here:

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Things to do in Cavendish PEI (Our P.E.I. Vacation)

This post shares some great things to do in Cavendish PEI.  We went on a P.E.I. vacation with our kids in 2017- it was an awesome trip across Eastern Canada, from Ontario to Prince Edward Island. 

Now that travel is more available after the pandemic, I'm sharing this post as it's the perfect time of year to start thinking about planning your own trip! Perhaps seeing what we did will give you some ideas or inspiration for your own trip!  (This post was originally shared on August 28th, 2017)

I've always loved nature. One of the things I love most about L.M. Montgomery's books is her descriptions of the beauty of her surroundings in Prince Edward Island. I always hoped I would be able to see it in person someday. When we arrived at Cavendish Beach, I came over a grassy hill to take in an idyllic view: sandy beach surrounded by red cliffs with blue skies. I had a moment to myself, feeling very alive and like I had "made it" to a place in time that I had spent years thinking of while never being quite sure that I would make it. It was pretty awesome and I'm glad I got to share it with my little family!

PEI Vacation

Monday, May 2, 2022

Cottage Rentals in Eastern Ontario - Loughborough Inn

We weren't looking for cottage rentals in Eastern Ontario at the time. We were looking for a hotel in the heart of downtown Kingston while our family relocated for my husband's job. Instead we found ourselves living north of the city on the shore of Loughborough Lake, surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature in a cottage at Loughborough Inn for the month of August. 

Cottage Rentals in Eastern Ontario

Our booking was quite last minute so there wasn't one, single cottage available for the full duration of our stay which meant that we had the opportunity to stay in a couple of different cottages. Of course, we got pretty familiar with all that Loughborough Inn has to offer its guests, so you can take our experience and the details I'll share into consideration in case you want to plan your own family getaway in Ontario!

Monday, April 25, 2022

How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly

After our little adventure raising butterflies for the first time, I wrote a blog post on how to raise a Monarch butterfly and everything we learned about it. If you assume it would be a task you just don't have time for, I encourage you to read this post! I didn't think I wanted to do it at first, but now that I know how easy it is to do, I'd definitely do it again!

How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly
How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly

It all started when the girls came home from a visit to their grandparents' house. They got their caterpillars while out on a nature walk there. Their grandma helped them to get jars, mesh, and leaves to get them started.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

True Meaning of Easter Poem (Easter Symbols)

Years ago, I wrote a "True Meaning of Easter Poem" for a lesson I taught at church, to the Primary children, about Easter. I taught about Easter symbols and shared a True Meaning of Easter poem.

Here's What I Used:

- 12 plastic eggs from a True Meaning of Easter Egg Hunt
- 3 extra plastic eggs
- a candy bunny, egg, and chick for each child
- a pkg. of small ziplock bags
- cardstock

Here's What I Did:

I hid the eggs around the Primary room before the kids got there (including 3 extras, each with a candy egg, chick, or bunny in it)

When it was time for the lesson, we took turns finding eggs. We would open each egg and talk about what the item inside had to do with Easter. When someone found one of the candies, we would talk about how that item represented new life and that is how it relates to the true meaning of Easter.

Easter Poem for Kids

At the end of the lesson time, each child got a little bag with one of each of the 3 candies inside as well as a copy of this poem about the true meaning of Easter:

Poem about Meaning of Easter and Spring Symbols

Ken and I wrote that little Easter poem for children together at 11:30, the night before church! Thankfully, it still made sense to us in the morning ;) haha If you're interested in using the poem, you can save a copy for yourself by left-clicking on the image above (to see it full-sized) and then right-clicking on it and choosing "save image as", to save it to your computer.

Printable Easter Poem

The large one above is 8.5x11".  If you'd like smaller ones for hand outs, you can save the one below (it's 8.5x11" as well, but has 4 of the poems on it)

True Meaning of Easter Poem (Easter Symbols)

I'm curious to know if you have any special ways that you've brought the true meaning of Easter into your Easter celebrations- I'd love for you to share any in the comments of this post!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday!

Find more Easter Printables Here:

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