Christmas Pillow Case

Christmas Pillow Case

Remember my post about sewing?

Well, I sewed something!

I was out at the fabric store, getting the supplies needed to make a stocking for Katrina (I made our family's stockings- look at me go ;), and all of their Christmas fabric was 50% off.

I remembered that my Mother in Law had made Christmas pillowcases and I thought it was a fun idea, so I picked out some cute Christmas/wintery fabric and bought enough to make a Christmas pillowcase for Talia.

Here it is! :)

It was fun to put it on her pillow when she wasn't looking, so she'd find it when it was naptime :)


  1. my mom made Christmas pillowcases? Errr, I thought I was being so creative and just 2 days ago bought fabric for all the nieces and nephews! Haha, guess I'm behind the times. It was perhaps a little overambitious anyway :)
    I also love those cookie boxes! Sooo cute!
    Oh, and here is what I'm making for neighbor gifts - I got them to look pretty close to these, too!

  2. Oh yeah ... I also want to see your stockings!! Somwe day I will make some to replace the dollar store ones we use!

  3. Yeah, she made them for the M.siblings, the year that they moved in.

    Those cake pops are SOOOO cute!!!!

    And yes, I will post pics of out stockings... after I make Katrina's (that gives me incentive to get moving on it ;)


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