Paper Chain for the Christmas Tree

Paper Chain for the Christmas Tree

Yesterday we started our advent calendar. Talia made her first Christmas card, and I think it'll be a daily thing, to put a cheerio into the cup each day after Talia gets her treat out, so that Katrina can pick something out, too. :) She wanted to be involved too!

Today we made a paper chain for the Christmas tree.

How To Do It:

- I cut construction paper into half inch strips with a scrapbooking paper cutter
- we glued the ends together to make the chain

One green paper & one red paper will get you a chain this long:
2 green papers and 2 red papers will get you a chain this long:
Talia really enjoyed helping me to put the chain on the tree!
This was a great, simple Christmas activity that I'm sure we'll do again in future years.

p.s. This post was featured on ABC & 123's Kid Made Holiday Decorations post!

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