This year I needed to add another stocking to our collection :) I made our elf stockings when we first stayed at our own house for Christmas morning, when Talia was tiny. Since Katrina was born in December, I didn't get hers made for her first Christmas last year, but this is the first year that she'll have any idea what's going on, so I'm ok with that ;)

So, exactly one week before Christmas, our family stockings are complete!

Ok, so I need to get my hands on some stuffing to stuff Katrina's stocking's toe, but we're really close! ;)

I had to re-attach each of the jingle bells this year, because last year Talia had some fun pulling them all off! Here's a close-up of my hard work:

These stockings were sewn by hand, using felt for the lining, and fleece for the outside. I found a pattern when I made them a couple of years ago, on the Family Fun Magazine webpage. Here's the link to the pattern (Thanks Sarah!). If anyone decides to try something like this, I suggest finding fishing line for the jingle bells because they're just sharp enough to pull right threw embroidery floss (but fishing line is not foolproof.. or toddler proof either. I didn't have fishing line this time around, and Katrina already got one bell free.

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  1. Hey Heather I googled it and found the link for you.

    Great Job!

  2. Hey Heather, Those are really cute! I love all of your fun ideas!

  3. Those are really cute and unusual!
    Love the color choices. And thanks for the fishing line tip - wouldn't have thought bells were so sharp!

    I'm visiting from the Tip Me Tuesday hop.


  4. They are so cute-I can't believe you made these! Thanks for the links too!

    I am hosting a Christmas stocking link up as part of my 12 Days of Christmas series at my Christmas blog. I would be honoured if you could stop by and link up this wonderful idea/post!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  5. How very clever you are. Thank you for sharing. I have had a wonderful week checking everybodys blogs out via Natasha's amazing Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive, 354. I will follow on my way out and hope you will find the time soon to come visit me and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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