Monday Moments #1

Monday Moments #1

With two little girls like mine around, there are plenty of precious moments in our daily lives. Whether silly or sweet, they are all treasued moments. I'm sure that you can relate!

I love to write down the funny/cute things that my girls say & do (we'll have fun looking back at them someday!), and I thought it would be fun to share some of these treasured moments here, on the blog.

So, now for the first installment of "Monday Moments"...

Talia, discussing a time Ken put something on a cut that made it sting:"Nasty little Daddy! Nasty guy! But he's still useful."

Talia: (sings a song we haven't heard before & suggests we should sing it before bed sometimes)
Us: Where did you learn that song, Talia?
Talia: From Miss Piggy
Us: (wondering when she saw a muppet show.. maybe at Ken's parents' house?) When did you see Miss Piggy?
Talia: At church
Us: (wondering why anyone would show the muppet show at church) when?
Talia: Other days at the church
Us: Like not on a Sunday?
Talia: Uhh.. like lots of days!
Me: Like, in a movie?
Talia: No, in real life!
Ken: Like Miss Piggy, a puppet?
Talia: No, Miss Piggy FOR REAL!
Ken: Talia, Miss Piggy is a puppet, she's not real.
Talia: No, she's real!
Ken: Talia, pigs don't talk.
Talia: Yes, she does, she's REAL!
Ken: Talia, that's not true. You need to tell the truth.

(this goes on for a while, we are pretty confused, and then somehow Ken figures this out:

Miss Piggy = Sister Peggy

(Sister Peggy is the lady at church who comes into Nursery to teach the kids music).


We were laughing for a while, remembering parts of that conversation, ie:

Talia, pigs don't talk.
Talia, Miss Piggy is a puppet.
No, she's REAL!!


  1. I love it, this is such a fantastic idea! I am going to look forward to Mondays now beacuse your little Talia always say's the cutest things!

  2. haha Thanks Lindsay! :) She has become quite the amusing little one ;)


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