Monday Moments #2

Monday Moments #2

If you missed last Monday's post, you just need to look at the post below this one to get an explanation about what "Monday Moments" is (apparently I wasn't a very good blogger last week!)

I'm going back in time for this week's quotes:

I made some picture schedules for Talia (one in each bathroom that has pictures showing the steps she needs to take- go potty, wipe, flush, wash hands) and one for the upstairs hallway that shows steps to take in the morning (wake up, potty, make bed, get dressed, underwear in laundry basket, hair, breakfast, brush teeth).

So, I showed them to her after her nap & she's very enthusiastic about it. We discussed the pictures in detail :) Then Ken went to the bathroom & Talia stood outside the door, saying "First you go potty, then you make your bed, then wipe your bum, then flush, then put your stuff in the basket!" lol I could hear Ken chuckling :) hehe


The other night when Ken was saying goodnight to Talia, she said: "Well, if you would keep my door open I would appreciate it."


A quote from my friend Jenn, who was one of Talia's nursery leaders at church: "Talia was hilarious in nursery today... during music time she was introducing all the kids to the music teacher but didn't know Leeah's name so she just made up a giberish one. So her."

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