Baby Liam

Baby Liam

When baby Liam was just 9 days old, he had his first photoshoot. As you can see, he is adorable. It had been a while since I had done newborn photos, so it was a lot of fun to have Ken's cousin & his wife over to capture their 2nd baby. (You can see their 1st baby's photos taken 3 years ago, here.)

This little reindeer hat was adorable. I was so happy Vanessa brought it along!

Liam slept just enough for us, and was wide awake the rest of the time!

This might be my favourite shot- it's a tricky one to pull off- so glad Jon's got strong arms! He had to hold this pose for a while!

Baby Reindeer :)

I love this shot of Vanessa with her baby- I can just tell that she's whispering "Shh" to comfort him, and I think it's a beautiful "mommy moment". I wish I had a photo of me as a mom-in-action with my babies :)


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~Heather Lynne

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