Fall Photos

Fall Photos

I mentioned previously that I did a photography swap with a friend, for family photos. We did her family's photos in the country by an old barn. I arrived a little early to the location and had time to snap a few Fall photos. I'm clinging to Fall with the knowledge that a long Winter is on its heels. (But I'm totally looking forward to Christmas ;)

What's your favourite season?
Hope you have a Happy Monday! :)


  1. Definitely fall. I even dreamed of getting married in the fall. I did, but I live in FL now, so.........well, it's just not the same. Even so, there's just something different about the air in the fall. It's a feel-good season!

  2. Gorgeous photos! My favorite season is Fall. It always inspires my creativity.

  3. Joy, I was married in November :) (But it was a bit more on the wintery side ;) I do love the feeling of Fall air! :)

  4. Thanks Laura! I feel the same way about both Fall & Spring- I can never decide between them... I think I like the beginning of Fall and the end of Spring (after the mud is gone ;)


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