Giveaway Empire Reel Babies

Giveaway Empire Reel Babies

I can remember what it was like to be mom of a new baby. It was wonderful! I loved spending time with my baby, taking care of her, and doing things with her. I was also exhausted and often longed for a little grown up time- there are suddenly a bunch of things that you used to do without a second thought that you can't do so easily with a baby. Sometimes time apart from your baby (and/or older kids) is just what you need to recharge and come back a re-energized, re-focused mom!

One thing that gets trickier as a young parent is going to a theatre to see a movie! When you've got a young baby, you're not always comfortable dropping them off with someone else while you do something for fun. About a month ago, I heard about a great solution!

Empire Theatres have a program called Reel Babies. You may have noticed their ad to the right of this blog. Participating Empire Theatres show movies every other week, at 1pm in the afternoon on Wednesdays. They're movies for moms, they're shown with lower volume, with lights not turned down all the way. They even provide a change table and baby swing inside of the theatre so that you can cater to your baby's needs without missing the movie!

I went & checked it out with Ken recently (we actually didn't take our kids because they're old enough to want to actually watch the movie, and we don't let them watch 'PG'). We were impressed by the set up though and found that we actually appreciated the lower volume & got used to the dim lights really quickly. The babies were remarkably content (and adorable). There was even a lady there at the beginning of the movie to ask us all if we were good with the volume and lights as they were. We give it a thumbs up for parents with babies young enough to not care about the movie! ;)

If you visit their website, you'll see that you can click on your province to find out which participating theatre is closest to you, and then if you register, you can vote on which movie you want to see at your next local event. There are 3 movies to choose from. I signed up a month ago, and I really appreciate the emails they send out to let me know when voting is open for my local program!

If this sounds like fun to you, and you'd like to try it out, you're in luck! Empire Theatres, Mom Central Canada, & I have teamed up to give 5 of you a pair of 2 free tickets to see a Reel Babies movie near you!

Just click on the "Read More" link below to see the form to enter the giveaway! :)

Disclosure – I am participating in the Empire Reel Babies program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Empire Theatres. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I haven't been to the movies in about 4 years. It would be so nice to just get out and not have to make my OWN popcorn, too! :)

  2. i'd love an afternoon out because i haven't had one since dd was born!

  3. This is ideal. Love it.
    They should do this everywhere.

  4. Thank you. I'm looking forward to trying this out.


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