Thursday Thoughts (Celebrating)

Thursday Thoughts (Celebrating)

We're celebrating around here these days. Birthdays are popping up all over the place- from the tall to the small. ;)

The number of candles above represents the small. I would be the tall, and you can add a zero to that number. ;) Let's just say I'm going to have to update that little blurb about myself in the sidebar there.--->

When I get back from all of this celebrating, I'll have more from a Pinkalicious party for 3 year olds, a Tangled party for our newest 6 year old, and maybe even a mention about the first of our family to enter her 30s ;)

Are you celebrating anything special lately?
Soon we'll all be celebrating the love in our lives!
Do you have any Birthday or Valentines Day traditions in your family?

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