Flower Girls

Flower Girls

My sister got married in September. Yep, a while ago ;) Their reception took place in a beautifully decorated barn. After the wedding, we dressed her & her flower girls up in their wedding clothes and went to the barn for a quick bride/flower girl or auntie/nieces photo shoot :) We didn't have much time because it was windy and cold, but we got these cute shots and I hadn't shared them here, so I thought I would now:

My mom made these cute skirts for the girls!

They were so cute twirling together!

My other sister & I made the little hair flower/clips for the girls from some extra fabric we had left over from the bridesmaid's dresses. Well, let's be honest... I tried to help her make them and eventually passed mine over to her to finish b/c hers was turning out way cuter ;)


  1. Oh my, those are absolutely sweet. Make me tear up just looking at the love you can see between Auntie and sweet nieces. <3

  2. Oh wow! Such beautiful photos!


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