Monday Moments: Goose Stories

Monday Moments: Goose Stories

This girl has been telling made-up stories lately.

They are hilarious because:
A. She is so serious when she tells them
B. They are pretty random
and C. They almost always involve a goose!

I've taken the time to write a few of them down:

Mom, One time I saw a goose and it had hands like I have and I saw the cutter man and he slipped and cut the gooses's finger off!

Gummy (her Grandma), Something is wrong with our car. It's all messy on the door. (this was from visiting a farm and driving on a wet, dirt road)
Gummy: How did that happen?
One time there was a goose and he banged into the side of our car.

(While helping me with the laundry) Mom, one time there was a baby goose helping me put clothes in the dryer and it slipped and it went inSIDE! ...and the Mommy goose was there too and the baby goose got CUT... but I didn't do it.... It was the Mommy goose.

Mom, when I have a goose, the goose says, "That's funny!"

(driving in the car) Mom, I want to tell you a story. It is NOT about a goose.

I have no idea why she keeps talking about people/geese getting cut. The only guess I have is that the day this started was the day that we saw a neighbour with a tattoo and I think I must've explained one time in detail about how tattoos happen because she was talking about the neighbour getting hurt and cut!!! Oh dear.


  1. It sounds like her goose needs a lot of band aids! Cute stories!

  2. So cute! Your blog is adorable too!! Just found you and am following along. Would love to have you pop over for a visit! Nice to meet you :)

    1. Thanks so much! I did pop over & sent you an email :)
      Nice to "meet" you, too! :)

  3. How hilarious! She is too much! I love the goose.

  4. LOl I seriously cannot get over how funny these are. I LOL every time I read them!! makes me wish Terrah would hurry up and start speaking words!

    1. haha Rachelle, you'll have to record her stories when they come :)


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