Disney's Hollywood Studios - Our Top 10

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Our Top 10

If you haven't been to Disney World you might not realize that it's actually made up of 4 different parks! We went to Disney World for the first time in 2016 and were invited to the 2018 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration which we attended in February. Now that we've been to Disney World twice, I'm sharing our top 10 things to do at each of Disney's parks, starting with Hollywood Studios! Hollywood Studios is all about the worlds of movies, television, music, and theater.

Here are our family's top 10 things to do in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

You begin with a visit to a room in the hotel where you're told the spooky history of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Just when you're sufficiently nervous, you take your seat in the elevator that takes you up to the top where you see some ghosts just before plummeting downward, launching upward, and plummeting again, over and over! I love that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of falling (while knowing I'm perfectly safe) so this is right at the top of my list of favorites from Hollywood Studios!

Walt Disney World Hollywood Tower Hotel Ride

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

The first time we rode this indoor roller coaster, we were with a friend who insisted that it DID NOT go upside-down. That was enough for 7-year-old Katrina to decide to go for it. Ken & I looked at each other nervously as we went upside-down during the roller coaster, realizing that our friend had forgotten that part, and wondering how Katrina was doing in the car ahead of us! Well, it turns out that she LOVED it! Our whole family loves it actually, so it's on our must-ride list for sure. You start the ride with a video chat with the members of Aerosmith and they invite you all to one of their shows. To get there, you need to get into a "stretch limo" (the roller coaster) and speed to the show! Throughout the ride, you're in the dark, and you're passing neon signs all around you, while listening to Aerosmith music.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Top 10 Rides

Toy Story Mania

My kids and husband LOVE Toy Story Mania! This is a ride combined with a video game and it's so much fun! If you or anyone in your group are competitive, watch out, because this will get the competition going! Your car moves and spins through the ride, stopping in front of different screens where you shoot animated, 3D objects.

Disney World Hollywood Studios Toy Story Video Game Ride
Photographer: Gene Duncan

Your wait in line for this one is a feast for the eyes! Just like the Toy Story movie, you'll see all kinds of toys and games featured that will take you right back to your childhood!

Fun Lines at Hollywood Studios Disney World

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

The first time I saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, I had flashbacks to watching the Tanner family at Disney World on Full House, and DJ thinking Indiana Jones was Steve! The stunts in this show are really cool to watch, and it's fun to watch audience members join the show. This is a classic and I can't imagine visiting Hollywood Studios without seeing it. Shows are also great because you get to sit down and rest from all the walking you'll be doing!

Top 10 Things to do at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park
Photographer: Gene Duncan

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage

Another great show is the 25 minute live Broadway-style Beauty and the Beast show, performed on an outdoor stage. The costumes are fabulous and the show is really well done. We loved this our first time to Disney World, but missed it during our recent trip. I wish we would've made time to see it again!

Hollywood Studios Broadway Beauty and the Beast Show
Photographer: Gene Duncan

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Not only do you get to sit down for this show, but it's indoors!  This play involves actors, video, lasers, a robot Ursula, and bubbles that fall onto the audience below! I get excited for this one because it gives my feet a rest and keeps my kids happy and entertained!

Little Kids at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park

Toy Story Land (June 30th)

When we were at Disney World in February for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we got a behind-the-scenes look at Disney's plans for Toy Story Land (Opening June 30th!). Although we haven't experienced it first-hand, it sure looks like a hit!  It’s set up so that you feel like you’re a shrunken version of yourself, standing in Andy’s backyard with all of the toys towering over you! The Slinky Dog Dash coaster looks like it'll be a definite highlight- a family-friendly ride that will take you on a fun tour of the 11-acre land!

Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land Opens in June 2018

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along

Take a break from walking, have a seat in the theatre, and watch a re-telling of Frozen with acting, singing, and all the joy of Frozen music! You even get to join in and sing along!

Frozen Fun for Kids at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park
Photographer: Kent Phillips

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

I have two huge Star Wars fans in my family (Ken & Talia) and they were very excited to watch the Star Wars projection and fireworks show at Hollywood Studios. The show did not disappoint! I'm continually amazed by the creativity and ingenuity that go into everything at Disney's parks!

Hollywood Studios Star Wars Light and Fireworks Show

I have seen projection shows before, but nothing like this! Everything was timed perfectly with the music and the fireworks with the projections made for a very impressive show, whether you're a big Star Wars fan or not!

Hollywood Studios Star Wars Fireworks

Star Tours

Speaking of Star Wars fans, you won't want to miss Star Tours! As you can see in the illustration below, you ride in a little theater-like room that also looks like a spaceship, for a 3D, motion-simulated space flight to different destinations you've seen in Star Wars movies. It's amazing how real it feels!

Top 10 Things to do at Disney World's Hollywood Studios
Photo Illustration: Disney Enterprises, Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Fall 2019)

Those are our Top 10 recommendations for Disney's Hollywood Studios, but I can't end this post without showing you this sneak peek at Disney's Star Wars Land coming in late fall, 2019! The land will be called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and it looks AMAZING! Check out this video of the 3D model of the land- it's going to be spectacular!

Star Wars Land preview Disney World

That's it for our Magic Kingdom Top 10! 

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Disclosure: We attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2018 for a discounted fee. All opinions shared are, as always, my own.

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  2. We missed each other in DisneySMMC, maybe next time we can meet! My favorite has to be the Toy Story Mania. I played against my husband and put him to shame lol. So many great experiences that week! Love the post!

    1. That would be fun! haha good for you! My husband always does better than I do at those things! haha

  3. Growing up on the west coast, I've only ever been to Disney LAND, but we did the Tower of Terror there and it was AWESOME! I can't wait to take my kids to Disneyworld ... the Frozen show will be the highlight for my daughter I'm sure.

    1. I've only been to Disney Land once and it was a LONG time ago. I'd love to go again as an adult!

  4. We have been talking about going back to Disney. SO much fun!

    1. It really is. It's amazing what a great job they do with everything!

  5. This is such a great list! Another I would add for parents with littles is Disney Junior Live. My toddlers love it!

    1. Thanks Lissette, and that's a good tip! We didn't get to Disney while my kids were toddlers so we haven't tried that one!

  6. I love the Tower of Terror, or so did as a kid. I am loving your top 10 list. I hope to bring my kids here some day, before they're all grown up!

  7. Toy Story Mania is so much fun! I love all the parks. Congrats on being a Disney Social Media Mom!

  8. We've never been to Disney Hollywood Studios! I'd love to go on the Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania! These look so fun.

    1. Yes, those are some of the best ones for sure! I hope you get the chance to go someday!

  9. We just went in November, and there's so much we didn't do! It seems like Hollywood Studios is always the park that we feel that way about...I wonder why!

  10. We just went in November and I feel like we missed so much! I always feel that way about Hollywood Studios, but I'm not sure why!

  11. We have always gone to Disneyland, but hit up Disneyworld for the first time last year and loved it. Can't wait to go back to see everything we missed.

  12. I've never been there but wow the photos are amazing and now I really want to visit Disney World someday !

  13. These are great highlights, thanks for this article!


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