Christmas Morning Disney Surprise!

Christmas Morning Disney Surprise!

This Christmas we had a tiny package under our tree that held a big surprise inside and I've been waiting to share it with our girls and with you! Now that the secret's out, I'm excited to tell you about how we came to put Disney World under the tree for our family for the second time, when we once wondered if we'd even make it to Disney once. I've got a video of the surprise at the end of the post, and a photo of how we broke the news this time.

Disney World Christmas Surprise Reveal &  Reaction

How to Surprise Your Kids on Christmas with a Trip to Disney World

Rewind a Few Years...

A few years ago, I heard about the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. It's kind of like a blogger conference combined with a family vacation at a Disney park. It sounded like a ton of fun and something I would love to do with my family, but it's also an invite-only event and it was difficult to see how it would ever be possible, so I filed it away in the "dreams probably too big to dream" folder in my mind.

Our First Trip to Disney World

When we were finally able to go for it and surprise our girls with a trip to Disney World a couple of years ago, we thought it might be the only time we would go there. It was something Ken and I wanted to do and we carefully planned how to do it on a very tight budget. We discovered the awesomeness of vacation home rentals when we partnered with Global Resort Homes during our trip, and because we had a kitchen in our rental home, we were able to make our own snacks, lunches and dinners and bring them to the park with us (or eat them back at the house), to save on food costs. We ate a lot of bagels and carrot sticks and apple sauce in pouches while we were at the park and we had a marvelous time!

Christmas Morning Disney Surprise by

The Courage to Dream

I remember walking through the parks, noticing signs here and there with quotes on them from Walt Disney. They were all so inspirational and encouraging and had a way of making you feel like you really could do anything. I've thought a lot about this concept over the last few years and I've tentatively peeked inside of that "dreams probably too big to dream" folder in my mind, and wondered if I could really let myself consider them a possibility.

Well, in the words of Walt Disney,
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Our Second Trip to Disney World

I'm so excited that my "too big" dream came true and we're going to Disney's Social Media Moms Celebration in 2018! This is going to let us experience Disney in a different way than last time (staying at a Disney resort, going on a Disney cruise, and more)!  We're very excited as none of us has ever been on a cruise and I'm looking forward to sharing the experience with you, and any tips we learn in addition to the ones we learned last time!

How I got invited to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018

How We Surprised Them This Time

When we told the girls about our first trip to Disney World, we revealed the surprise in stages with several different packages. This year, I found their "1st Visit" pins from our last trip and put a little piece of paper over the "1st" that said "2nd" and wrapped them up.

How to Surprise Your Kids on Christmas with a Trip to Disney

Here's their reaction on video:

I don't have much of an idea at all about what 2018 holds for our family, but I do know that the first couple of months are going to be pretty exciting as we look forward to this very special event- what a great way to start the year!

Posts from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

When we got back from our trip, I created some blog posts showcasing our favourite things to do in each of the parks!  Here they are:

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  1. Hahahahaha!!! Love their reactions. Have fun!! I have heard great things about Global Resort Homes too. I need to try them out soon. So I totally did a reaction video for our cruise reveal ( different vacation brand though ) and my kids had the same reaction. My daughter hollered and my other was like WHAT?? What?? Then she sneezed and she was like um don't use that. UGH. I might still edit her sneeze out. That would be smart actually. Love this. Have a super time!!!

    1. Thank you Paula! :) I want to see your video if you post it! :)

  2. What a fabulous surprise! And congratulations! Enjoy your vacation. I can't wait to read all about it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! This is amazing! HUGE congrats on getting an invite to the Disney Social Media Moms celebration. I can't wait to follow your adventure!

  4. So happy for you guys! It's going to be amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. very exciting for your family! 2018 is going to be great! Say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me!

  6. ❤❤❤ cuteness! So exciting! Can't wait to see the post trip blog fun!


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