Raising Memories: Happy 90th Birthday, Oma!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday, Oma!

A couple of months ago (I'm late posting this) my Oma turned 90!

We had a lovely birthday party for her, to celebrate her fabulous life so far. She really is a fabulous woman & I'm so glad my daughters get to know & love her as I do!


The Internet is such a cool thing. Years ago, when I started out with photography, I took photos of my aunt & uncle's family (including Oma) and posted them on my new photography blog. My dad's cousin in Holland happened to be searching online shortly after that, for her family who had moved to Canada. She found my blog when searching for that name, and thought she recognized my Oma as her aunt. She emailed me & sure enough, we were family!

How cool that a few years later, she decided to come to Canada to see where her father had been and to celebrate her aunt's 90th birthday. Here we are, the girls & I, with Manon, in our living room in Canada. We loved meeting you, Manon!


  1. Aww, Oma looks like such a fun lady! Great photos, thanks for sharing them!!

  2. What a great memory to have! Grandma's a very special treasures!!! I have a picture of my kids with my grams on her 90th birthday in a frame. It is by far one of my favorite pictures!!

  3. So lovely for your Oma to be in your children's lives. I have sadly now lost all of my grandparents, but my Gran did meet my eldest daughter and she too reached the grand old age of 90! Amazing isn't it! I'm now following your blog! x

  4. great pictures and I am sure it was a perfect day for your oma!

  5. Happy birthday to your Oma! What a great story too! =)

  6. How cool! I also have an "Oma"! She moved here to marry a missionary in the late 40's or maybe 1950? Happy birthday to your Oma!

  7. Oh how sweet! Happy Birthday to her! :)

  8. What a fabulous story! It really is a small world :)


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