Father's Day & Staying In Touch

Father's Day & Staying In Touch

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Well it's June and it's time to start thinking about Father's Day!

I say "Daddy" a lot in my everyday life. It's almost always in reference to my husband, whilst talking to my daughters. Just over 5 years ago though, when I said Daddy, I was usually referring to my own.

I think my dad is pretty amazing. The choices that he has made in his life and the commitment and conviction that he has are something that I have and will always admire and feel proud of. He's a great man who is always thinking of others and being considerate of their feelings.

My dad & I one year, with the fish I caught
(I was scared to hold them ;)

My dad has served in our church in numerous ways throughout my life. Sometimes this required him to need to type things out. My dad is not a speedy typist, so he would often call on me to help him out when I could. This is one of my happy memories of working with my dad, because I felt like I could do something worthwhile & helpful to him. I loved it when he would shake his head and make a comment about how fast I was. :)

That was back in the days that I lived at home. When I went away to school in another country, I kept in touch with my parents through long distance phone calls & email (which had a positive influence on my parents' phone bill!). Even now, I live a good distance from my parents and we often communicate through email.

I love it when my dad emails me because I know he has taken some time to compose it. And I love it when his emails are decorated with smileys and other little emoticons. It totally brightens my day :)

How do you stay in touch with your family when you're far apart?

Here's a cute little video from Yahoo! Mail that goes along with the subject of Dads:

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  1. I've realized I have to make a conscious decision to stay in touch. To call or email my family. To visit them even though they are far away. To reach out to their kids.


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