Miracle Allergy Pill Anyone??

Miracle Allergy Pill Anyone??

My allergies are kicking my butt right now. My last few days have increasingly been overcome by

itchy, watery eyes
runny nose
sneeze ATTACKS
itchy scalp
tickly/sore throat
puffy eyes & nose
itchy ears

I'm doubling up on Reactine Extra Strength & I'm getting zero relief.


Do you have allergies?
Do you recommend a particular medication?

UgH Somebody save me!


  1. I've discovered that, for me, Allegra works! Pretty well anyway, and I found an eye drop for allergies that helps when the pill isn't fully relieving the itchy eyes!

  2. It seems to me that there isn't anything that really helps all that much. I'm allergic to grass, so it's really hard this time of year when people are mowing their lawns. I take Zyrtec everyday & a nasal spray & also use some eye drops. I tried Allegra a long time ago, maybe I should give it a try again.


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