How To Get Pen Off of Wall Decals

How To Get Pen Off of Wall Decals

In my last post I showed you the cute wall decals that my mom & I put up in the girls' playroom. Today I'm going to show you how much Katrina loved the little animals. Unfortunately, her mom was not very proud of her artistic interpretation of the playroom wall masterpiece.

Well, the Internet came to the rescue. I googled & I asked you on my facebook page, and eventually I discovered how to get ink out of wall decals.

Based on my experience, here's what I can tell you:

1. Do not use magic eraser (I tried- it didn't work, so I pressed harder, then I saw the colour coming out of the sticker. However, the magic eraser always works wonders on our ikea mammut kid sized table- and you better believe I've had to use it many a time ;)

2. Do not use Vim. (I find that Vim works for a lot of things, but not wall stickers- it'll take the colour out)

3. Do not use a cloth with soap. (well you could try it- it didn't take the colour out. But it won't take the pen out either)

4. DO use Rubbing Alcohol! (It really works & it doesn't mess with the colour of the vinyl.)

5. Depending on how hard your little artist pressed with her pen, you may be left with some colour & an indent on your stickers, but they'll look a lot better than they did right after she finished her work.

6. I am told that Goo Be Gone spray gel will also do the trick. And I even heard someone suggest milk on a cloth... has anyone ever tried that? Sounds strange to me.

Now, please tell me.... does anyone know how to get pen off of a painted wall, without taking the paint off? Cuz that little bit you see in the picture isn't all I'm working with ;)


  1. What a nightmare. I can tell you that when I have gotten permanent marker on my white board at school, fingernail polish remover has done the trick. Not sure if this is the answer for you though.

  2. Thank YOU for coming to visit my blog! I'm excited to get some people visiting! :)
    I LOVE your playroom wall. Really, that is AMAZING!

  3. That is so great to know thanks for sharing. I have 5 kids and they get stuff all over our walls. :)

    Oh and by the way this is my first time to your blog and I thought it was crazy to see that your name is Heather Lynne because my name is Heather Lynn...what are the odds?!

  4. That is a great idea for getting off the how do you get pen off clothes??? lol....but I will remember this when my baby is older!


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