Christmas Quilt

Christmas Quilt

When I was in Utah this Fall, I went fabric shopping with my sisters in law & my 'other mother'. Let me tell you, they have fabulous fabric in Utah.

I got some fabric to make a couple of camera strap covers (I will do that eventually) and some fabric to make a Christmas quilt. I ended up buying some more fabric here, to make it bigger and for the back of the quilt.

It was my first real quilt experience & I'm so happy with the result! I love the fabrics & I am so happy that I actually got it done in time for Christmas :)

And voila:

It's just big enough to put over the back of our couch at Christmas time, and to cuddle up with to keep warm.

It's exciting to finish a project like this- I'm starting to feel a little bit like a 'real sew-er' ;)


  1. Niiiiiiice!! That is adorable Heather! It turned out great! Mine is ... not done :) But now I just want yours! Good job getting it finished in time too.

  2. It looks amazing Heather. Good job. I'm impressed how even and good your squares are. I can never get mine that good.

  3. it's so cute heather, i can hardly stand it! i wish we had fabric stores here like in utah.


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