2nd Birthday Cake

2nd Birthday Cake

For Katrina's 2nd birthday, I decided to make her a cake.

I decided to make the inside all different colours like I did with these cupcakes. Here's how that turned out:

And I went out and bought some supplies for cake decorating. (This was long overdue. I once worked as a cake decorator at a Baskin Robbins and have missed being able to do that for my kids' birthdays- mostly I've just done cupcakes so far). I ended up decorating pretty simply & pretty quickly. Here's how it ended up:


  1. Your cake is beautiful!!!


  2. After seeing the cupcakes, my kids did this. For a whole week and a half we had multicolored cakes. I even had to get more food coloring because they used it all up.

    Thanks for all your wonderful work.

  3. Thanks Kelli... I'm trying to figure out if you're the Kelli I know "in real life" or not... ?

  4. I love the colorful cake! Now why haven't I thought of that before. I think I will do that as a surprise for Davin's bday. He is always coloring our pancakes, eggs, and whatever else he can think of. He'll love it! Your cake turned out great too - I shy away from writing on cakes as much as possible. I think it's hard! Yours looks amazing!

  5. Thanks Tami! :)
    I'll write on a cake for you if you'll sculpt a cake for me... you know.. like a bathtub or something ;)

  6. Hi

    I must say the colorful cake is something I haven't seen before.
    Brilliant idea for a birthday cake.
    The balloons is also very well done.
    I have seen a photo of some cute cupcakes

  7. I love the colors,it would make any kids happy.

  8. What a beautiful cake!! Love the colors :)


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