Moments- "My Toy!!!"

Moments- "My Toy!!!"

Picture this:

I'm sitting at the computer, Ken's standing a few feet away.
Talia & Katrina are playing in the room next to us.

Katrina comes running into the room & heads straight for under the desk I'm at.
She smacks her head on the keyboard tray, doesn't react, just scurries under the desk.
Ken & I look at each other like, "What the?"
Katrina starts screaming "MY TOY!" as Talia runs over.
Seeing the predicament, I stick my leg out as a barrier to prevent Talia from reaching Katrina (by about a foot).
Talia growls & scratches at my legs in an attempt to get to Katrina, desperately telling her, "I was playing with it!" while Katrina continues to scream.

I don't know if I've managed to give you the correct picture of how it all went down, but Ken & I were just killing ourselves laughing at the whole thing until Talia finally started laughing through a frown, and the problem evaporated.

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